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Grill and save . Mission possible!

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An expert or novice master griller certainly chooses to find the perfect solutions to create the ideal day in the company of friends and acquaintances. However, care is needed since the times of restriction require parsimony and maximum economy. The desire to be together, to spend time with friends who have been apart for too long risks turning into a monetary bloodbath.

Here's how to save with delicious and economical single dishes without investing your present and future salary. The barbecue becomes a perfect starting point for meeting up and choosing to share goodies and news about your life as well as solutions and curiosities relating to the cut of meat you bring to the table.

1 Cooking and saving. The cuts of meat

The first step that is usually taken when choosing meat for the barbecue is to save on quality. But is it really worth it? The answer, exactly as in the most Hamlet-like and psychological doubts, is... It depends. First of all, we need to evaluate to what extent our knowledge is clear, so as to be able to make up for a lack of taste. The choice falls on genuine cuts of meat from traditional farms capable of translating authentic and less chemical flavours. Free range chicken and bacon, beef shoulder and flank are the perfect solutions.

2 Recipes save euros. Start with simplicity

The menu must be simple and flexible. The idea is to start from rather cheap cuts of meat and create different versions thanks to the secondary ingredients that they add without distorting them. Two, maximum three variations of the same cut thanks to the imagination that helps to create particular marinades and the Carne Genuina blog that tickles the imagination. Here are some ideas.

Is the choice the hamburger? Here we start with the minced meat and thanks to the guide we create homemade solutions with chosen spices, crunchy vegetables or particulate marinades. The sausage becomes gourmet thanks to the addition of melted cheese perhaps coming from a trip to the mountains, such as Branzi. The chicken is enriched with flavor and different seasonings that begin with a quick and particular marinade.

3 Cooking cheaply and healthily. Vegetables, what a passion

Choose to create the right mix of proteins and vegetables, why not, maybe even with homemade bread which always makes a good impression. Slices of toasted bread, combined with crispy pork belly and diced courgettes. Without neglecting sauces and dips, light and spicy, demanding and properly rationed.

Potatoes are the side dish par excellence which, presented in a thousand versions, resolve the doubt of what to do for dinner and lend themselves to accompanying a barbecue in company made with maximum economy. Grilled sausage and boiled potatoes, or cooked in foil to accompany skewered chicken.

The solutions are truly numerous and are suitable for filling the table without spending excessively. The vinaigrette adds colour, the grilled vegetables tempt you, the chips are always good.

4 Organize the guest. Unique and delicious dishes

When you attend a large barbecue, the question is usually "What do I bring?". Here the solution is ready to use and responds to the organization category. Who brings what, so with pen and paper in hand you can give more or less demanding tasks to manage drinks, ice cream and maybe even dessert. The party lightens up and everyone makes their best impression.

If the number is large, you can also delegate the preparation of appetizers for the aperitif or a few seconds for those who prefer light food for any reason. Maybe the savory cake prepared with the ingredients that are about to run out or close to their expiry date that you find in the fridge, it often happens that recipes that empty the fridge turn out to be quick and tasty dinners and why not? An integral part of a noteworthy appetizer!

5 Military management. Low cost dishes and fulfilled requests

The desire to find oneself rich in tasty and tasty foods with laden tables and waves of friends is strong. The attention to be paid to the wallet, however, tells another story and here caution and balance come into play and it becomes essential to manage everything as best as possible, without leaving anything out. The case is therefore banned, we need to draw up rules to be strictly respected to ensure that everything runs smoothly and above all that all the guests have full bellies, perhaps we will take care of the drunk wife in other places.

Jokes aside, attention is needed in order to create the perfect habitat for BBQ lovers, to amaze with particular recipes, unique marinades and quick economical dishes so as to offer a full and rich table without costing oneself with overly refined and above all expensive ingredients. The real trick is therefore the choice of simple and ready-to-use solutions which, one after the other, become the perfect handbook for a barbecue in the name of savings and joy.