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The secrets of Brisket : brisket at the BBQ

Brisket, otherwise known as brisket

Fire on the grill! Which when said like this leaves us thinking, but it is in the most romantic and tasty exception that we need to understand it, because brisket represents that cut of beef that arrives calmly.

Calmness is perhaps the essential element that includes cooking and the desire to experiment, before the Brisket in fact, we tend to put chops, ribs, ribs and everything that is more commonly known on the fire, then he arrives, His Majesty the Beef brisket which becomes a perfect cut to put on the fire, however little used although it hides a unique and surprising taste.

Dare, because only in this way can you learn and when it comes to grilling, well, it is essential to put yourself to the test and put on the fire, sorry embers, what still appears far from the cooking method.

Filling your mouth with foreign words, brisket

Precisely, what cut of beef is meant when you write brisket in the online butcher's shop?

Easy, perhaps very easy, it is the brisket, that cut which in the common imagination translates into minced meat or a tasty broth. Transforming the cut into something spectacular with BBQ cooking is very easy, you just need to work properly and analyze the structure of the meat in detail.

How is brisket made?

Knowing the cut of meat in detail is essential. Brisket is the union of two muscle bands and a layer of fat, this composition allows the creation of perfectly marbled meat. In technical jargon, the muscles are defined as flat muscles joined by a smaller piece - with perfect marbling - called a point.

In the animal we mean the pectoral muscle which in Italy is called fiocco, excellent for boiled, minced and roasted meats. The upheaval of the Italian mentality and the desire to use brisket as grilled meat comes - obviously - from America, which chooses to put anything edible on the fire and transform anything - or almost anything - into an excellent smoked piece.

What is certain is that starting from a good starting point such as a cut of meat with perfect marbling becomes an excellent point in favor and transforms a simple cooking into something fantastic.

RUB of spices as added value

The added ingredient, in addition to the aromas used for the marinade, is the RUB which, properly chosen among the possibilities offered by the market and perfectly calibrated, becomes an excellent point in favor of increasing the flavor of a cut of meat capable of releasing the maximum in terms of taste and flavor.

The perfect RUB exists, however you can choose to personalize your dish by creating homemade combinations in perfect harmony, keeping in mind the three essential elements:

  • a touch of acid
  • a sweet touch
  • a salty touch

The union of the three touches allows the RUB to increase, accentuate or dampen the flavor of the meat where necessary.

Tricks and techniques for cooking brisket

Different techniques overlap and intersect in the creation of a cut of meat cooked on the grill without any defects. You need strategy, obsessive respect for times, perfect calibration of ingredients and a rigid and severe handbook.

By observing different master grillers who operate in respectable structures, you can learn many secrets to repeat in your own backyard and bring wow-effect meat to the table.

The meat injection operation

Among the tricks that master grillers choose to share is the marinade syringe injection. This is an often maligned operation, but highly useful and essential which allows the aromas and flavors to penetrate deeply without remaining on the surface reached by the marinade.

Although it may appear as something chemical, constructed and structured, in reality injections are transformed into skilled flavoring techniques which, made with natural ingredients, offer the bite a complete, rounded, rich flavour.

It all starts with the broth, which is rich in collagen and allows the injection to keep a soft and rich cut of meat intact.

The butcher paper: aka butcher paper

BBQ butcher paper is made in such a way as to preserve the juices inside without losing anything and offer the meat a full, rich flavour, capable of bringing the true and bold flavor of meat to the plate.

The combination with the RUB, with the respectable marinade and a properly made injection transforms everything into a sui generis experience more for those who eat than those who cook.

Among the tricks is the reuse of butcher paper, which during cooking allows the juices to remain trapped inside, avoiding dispersing here and there.

Vademecum: how to cook beef brisket to perfection

The right sequence to cook brisket to perfection is:

  • Use meat at room temperature, obviously it needs to be genuine and coming from traditional breeding.
  • Marinate the meat for at least 12 hours, overnight is the perfect time. Make sure the meat is covered properly and no part remains exposed.
  • Add the RUB to the marinade in the right quantity, so as to increase without overdoing it.
  • Perform the injection with extreme caution and attention.
  • Heat the fire and wait for the right temperature using the tools of the trade.
  • Cook and use the butcher paper to get the most out of the cut of meat.

For our complete beef brisket recipe, read the dedicated article.

Grilled beef, how delicious!

If the recipes become popular, exaggerate and fill the eyes, triggering a sudden awakening of the griller that resides in each of us, the need to get closer to healthy and genuine ingredients becomes essential to start off on the right foot.

Whatever your personal goal, whether it's making a space roast, a burger full of flavor and spices or an alternative grill, to bring something perfect to the table you need to know how to choose extremely carefully. Therefore, pay attention to the label, origin, slaughter and type of farming.

Although it may appear like a demanding task, in reality these are simple measures to be implemented with different food products that offer and allow an intense, rich and incomparable flavour.