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Sliced ​​beef with teriyaki sauce and vegetables

Oriental sliced ​​beef: the tasty alternative to grilled meat

We know that summer rhymes with barbecues, barbecues and... a table of relatives and friends to try out your experiments in the kitchen. If you are skilled at using the barbecue you can always win easily and think of bringing a Fiorentina to the table with all the trimmings, if you want to dare with Italian cuisine by adapting a particular cut of meat you can think of the Picanha, if you prefer to stay on tradition but daring particular and extravagant combinations then the solution is sliced ​​beef with a super tasty oriental sauce.

Sliced ​​beef is undoubtedly the most suitable preparation for enjoying pure meat, especially if we choose to try the variant with certified organic meat. The cut recipe is very easy: you just need to be careful to leave the meat at room temperature for at least an hour and continue with rapid cooking on a hot plate or grill to obtain a juicy steak with a pink heart and a golden brown crust. outside, which will then be cut into slices and served with crunchy vegetables and a teriyaki sauce reduction to give it a super oriental taste.

Ingredients sliced ​​beef in teriyaki sauce

  • 400 g of organic cut or sliced ​​meat
  • 100g teriyaki sauce
  • 30 g of honey
  • 3 sprigs of lemon thyme
  • 1 lime
  • 1 piece of fresh ginger
  • EVO oil to taste
  • salt and white pepper to taste
  • for the vegetables: carrots, courgettes, yellow pepper and leek

Sliced ​​beef procedure with teriyaki sauce

To prepare the oriental beef cut, let's start with the sauce. In a saucepan, reduce the teriyaki sauce, honey and lime zest for about twenty minutes. You can also add other condiments typical of oriental culture to the sauce such as fresh ginger, powdered ginger or Sichuan pepper.

In the meantime, we take the meat and, if it is not already ready and cut into slices, we proceed to prepare very thick slices trying to eliminate the connective part. Now let's put the cut to marinate for about twenty minutes in a baking dish with EVO oil, salt, white pepper and the lemon thyme leaves.

Let's move on with the vegetables, take the ones we have chosen, we can create a caponatina, strips or leave them in washers, the important thing is that they are well washed and of the same size. If you want to present a gourmet caponata, try to cut all the vegetables into very small cubes of about 5 cm².

Lightly sear the vegetables in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a slice of fresh ginger for flavour. Let's cook the vegetables according to their cooking times, for example the carrots should be put first, then the aubergines, courgettes etc etc.. salt to taste.

Let's move on to the cut. Let's take a griddle, put it on medium heat and if, when you bring your hand closer, the heat is unbearable, it's the right time to put the sliced ​​beef on to cook. No butter, oil or anything else: just meat and high temperature. The cut must toast on the outside, forming a crust, and remain pink and juicy on the inside. Two minutes per side or three, for those who prefer it more cooked.

We remove the meat from the heat and plate it, do a quick round of sauce and put the remaining oriental sauce in a small bowl, add the accompanying vegetables, a sprig of lemon thyme, a wedge of lime and enjoy your meal!

Online butcher: cuts of Italian beef

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