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Sapore orientale

How to cook chicken

Lemon and ginger chicken

We all love chicken - or turkey - for its taste, lightness and versatility in the kitchen. When we ask ourselves how to cook chicken breast, creativity goes wild and gives us the opportunity to create many simple recipes with both whole chicken and sliced ​​chicken breast . Today we are going to discover how to cook dietary chicken with lemon and ginger, a recipe with an oriental flavor that can be proposed all year round and everyone will love it.

This recipe is for a whole free-range chicken, but if we want to reduce the quantities we can follow the same procedure to offer healthy, super tasty chicken breast on the table and a smart way to offer a tasty chicken breast for children - and adults -. Let's get a saucepan, a pan and some kitchen string and (really) a few minutes!


Wash the lemons, remove the yellow peel and cut it into strips. Squeeze ½ lemon and keep the juice aside and dissolve the saffron in ½ glass of hot water.

Take the chicken and tie it with kitchen string (in the case of slices, simply place them in the saucepan). Pour the oil into the saucepan, together with the onions, garlic, cinnamon, chopped ginger, a little parsley and let everything sweat without colouring. Add the chicken, salted and peppered, and brown for 7-8 minutes over low heat. Add the saffron, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and continue cooking for about 40 minutes over moderate heat and in a covered container, basting with the cooking sauce.

Meanwhile, in the pan with boiling water, blanch the lemon strips for 2 minutes. Drain them, dry them and add them to the chicken 10 minutes before the end of cooking. Once cooked, drain the chicken, cut it into pieces and keep warm. Remove the cooking fat, put the saucepan back on the heat, add the olives and remaining parsley and mix. Add the chicken pieces to heat them and serve immediately. Easy, tasty and spicy!

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Dietary note

This dish is nutritious, quite caloric but also suitable for slimming diets, since ginger promotes faster digestion and elimination of ingested fats. With a side dish of cooked or raw vegetables, it constitutes a complete meal if you do not consume other proteins of animal origin or sweets. Thanks to Carne Genuina you can conveniently purchase your chicken meat online , without worries and with safe and refrigerated shipments, to enjoy only the best quality meat.