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Prelibatezza tradizionale

Minced beef: from ragù to tartare

Ground beef, what is it

Minced beef or minced meat is a preparation obtained by mincing boneless meat with the addition of a percentage of salt less than or equal to 1%. European legislation is clear, the rule is precise, but as far as preparation is concerned, imagination reigns supreme. Minced meat can also be prepared at home by us using cuts such as rump or steaks: cut with a knife - or crescent - or transformed into minced meat using a special machine with a more or less coarse grain.

It is usually obtained from beef or veal, but it can also be prepared with pork, poultry, and game. The mince can be mixed or chosen, it is the percentage of fat that influences the result of the product in a more or less consistent manner, even the breed of cattle and the type of breeding allow to obtain a more or less delicious product.

Carne Genuina offers the sale of beef online, choosing traditional breeding as its starting point. To tradition, master butchers and farmers add innovative techniques, daughters of modern times, without however compromising the result and the desire to offer the market an excellent, healthy and genuine product. The minced beef , which you can also find in the Bovì Box 5 kg both as ready-made minced meat and as a rump cut to be chopped with a knife, is perfect for the preparation of many dishes in the kitchen, since its versatility allows it to adapt to both hot dishes as well as dishes to be served cold and sometimes even raw, in short, the need to be first choice beef proves indispensable.

Discover the 5 kg Bovì Box with rump cut and minced meat .

Ground beef: tartare

The perfect example of “either you like it or you don't”. If you belong to the first category, you have a clear idea of ​​the need to turn to a farm that sensibly raises animals using precise techniques and respecting the slow rhythm of nature. If you chose the second answer, well! You can always change your mind!

Fat or lean is a matter of taste, there are those who prefer it with a good percentage of fat without the addition of any flavor or smell and those who appreciate it more when accompanied by other aromas such as lime, onion or balsamic vinegar . In short, tartare is truly a special dish that is appreciated by all those who love raw meat. A more or less lively debate could open up among beef lovers, creating a deep chasm between those who choose it chopped with a knife and those who don't disdain the easy preparation and also appreciate it minced and seasoned.

The difference between the tartare and the joke is really subtle which according to some has a strong impact on the organoleptic quality of the beef since the passage inside the machine can affect a slight increase in the temperature of the product and consequently on the final flavor . In any case, whether it is tartare or beaten, the idea of ​​having an ingredient of certified, healthy and genuine origin is fundamental since the flavor of the meat will be enhanced.

Beef: ragù

The slipper with a morsel of bread. The sauce overflowing onto the stove. Grandma's apron with the red spots. You think about ragù and a memory that we cherish with tenderness immediately materializes in our mind. Ragù is the most classic that can exist in the Italian culinary tradition, and its main ingredient is minced beef . In short, to please adults and children you can go shopping and buy minced meat in quantity: tartare for adults and pasta with meat sauce for the little ones.

The ragù begins with beef and ends with a pleasant memory that we will choose to share with loved ones during a moment of nostalgia, or when we want to bring a typical dish back to the table. Lasagna, cannelloni, baked pasta and pasta with meatballs. Minced beef is truly a multifaceted ingredient capable of releasing an intense flavor if it is first choice and comes from farms that have made tradition a cornerstone.

The ragù recipe

Tradition teaches. Meat sauce is the key to a last-minute dinner, as well as the perfect solution for a respectable lunch. Suitable for pasta, cannelloni, lasagna and why not, even crepes. In short, meat sauce is a perfect preparation for a first course of a certain level. Preparing it is easy, stealing the secret of the trade from your grandmother, however, is a little less so.

Ingredients for the meat sauce
Method for meat sauce

In a large pan, brown the minced meat with the olive oil for about 10 minutes over medium heat. Pour in the red wine and add the tomato puree, the concentrate, the basil, a ladle of meat broth, cover with a lid and lower the heat.

Leave on the heat for at least 60 minutes. Secret: add a pinch of sugar to eliminate the acidity of the tomato. The meat sauce will be ready when the sauce has thickened. Beware of hungry mouths that with a piece of bread could empty the pan still on the stove off to rest...

The beef

Beef hides many characteristics and diversities capable of adapting to both refined and superlative preparations and traditional and simple to prepare dishes. The idea of ​​choosing the right master butcher capable of extracting different cuts of meat from a particular section allows those who cook to translate the " steak " into spectacular dishes enriched with imagination. The tartare requires a certain grinding and a particular cut, just as the ragù requires a particular type of marbling to give the right touch of flavour. In short, each preparation incorporates a series of details that begin with the choice of quality beef.

While on the one hand preparation plays a fundamental role, it is equally true that the organoleptic properties and the attention paid to the animal's well-being are essential to produce a healthy and genuine product. Genuine meat offers a range of products in full compliance with the rules of rural tradition associated with cutting-edge techniques and particular attention to uncommon cuts of meat or international cuts suitable for different needs. In short, the Bovì Box is a clear example of how you can bring everything from tartare to meat sauce to the table without excess and with extreme attention to flavour. Beef does not disappoint, genuine meat convinces us!