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27 novembre

Salami Day : a taste experience to celebrate

Salamino Day: a celebration of flavors and traditions

November 27th is a special day for lovers of meat and robust flavours: it is Salami Day, a unique opportunity to celebrate the undisputed king of sausages.

This day is dedicated to tasting and appreciating one of the most loved and versatile products of the Italian gastronomic tradition: salami.

Discover salamis in our online butcher's shop

To make your Salami Day truly memorable, we also present the selection of salamis available in our online butcher's shop.

Each piece is the result of craftsmanship that respects tradition, while guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the product.

From seasoned to lighter variants, we offer a range that will satisfy the most demanding palates, all of which can be conveniently purchased online.

Salame della Cascina - local salami like it used to be

Salame della Cascina is our proposal to bring back to the table the authentic flavor and authenticity of the salami of the past.

Salame Nostrano is an excellent sausage spread throughout Italy and derives from a fine mixture of minced pork, which includes fillets and loins, together with the fatty component. This fine blend is enriched with a skilful balance of salt, spices and wine.

The recipe for this cured meat varies from region to region, giving it a unique personality. Unlike Salamino, Salame Nostrano has a paste of medium consistency, subjected to a salting process which guarantees its perfect preservation. The subsequent maturing phase can vary from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of approximately 4-5 months.

Our Genuine Meat Salamis are made with the highest quality pork, and their distinctive taste is the result of careful selection of animals, with traceability of fundamental importance.

With carefully selected ingredients and a production process that respects traditions, our Salame della Cascina is a testimony to the bond between the land and the table.

Local salami - Sünì

Among the protagonists of our selection is Sünì, a local salami that stands out for its quality and enveloping taste.

Our local salamis represent authentic masterpieces of the Italian charcuterie tradition. For their preparation, we use high quality pork and a selected percentage of beef, subjected to rigorous choices and selections.

The meat is butchered and ground to a medium grain, then expertly flavored with a combination of salt, spices and wine. Subsequently, this fine blend is stuffed into natural pig casings, subjected to a careful drying process and finally expertly matured in a controlled environment.

Perfect to enjoy alone or paired with fine cheeses, Sünì is a sensorial journey through the flavors of our land.

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Salami the Only zero preservatives

Salame l'Unico is the ideal choice for those seeking authenticity and genuineness. Without the addition of preservatives, this salami embodies our philosophy of offering products that respect health and the palate.

The preparation of this salami involves exclusively the use of pork, carefully selected and minced, seasoned with salt, pepper and a selection of spices. The mixture thus obtained is stuffed into delicate pork casing and subsequently tied by hand. The peculiarity of this product lies in its creation without the addition of preservatives.

To guarantee the complete healthiness of the salami without the use of preservatives, the cold drying process is carried out with extreme care and diligence. This ensures a reduction in the weight of the meat, preventing the development of harmful bacteria and starting the long maturing process, which varies from 3 to 6 months and gives the salami its characteristic flavour. Furthermore, this cured meat is free of sugars, gluten, lactose and milk proteins.

The authenticity of this product, obtained in a natural and artisanal way, makes it a unique tasting experience with every tasting. This salami comes from the farm selected by us, Agricola Tenca.

Experience the pure taste of salami, prepared according to tradition, in which each slice tells the story of artisanal care.

Recipes and ideas with salami

Salami Day is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new combinations and discover recipes that highlight the complexity of salami flavours.

Whether you prefer the bold flavor of a cured salami or the sweetness of a more delicate variant, there are endless creative possibilities.

You can enrich a simple pasta with slices of salami, create delicious appetizers or add your special touch to a homemade pizza.

Here are our proposals:

How to recognize a quality artisanal salami?

To fully appreciate Salami Day, it is essential to know how to recognize high-quality artisanal salami. This requires an expert eye and knowledge of some distinguishing characteristics. Find out more in our guide .

Italian DOP and IGP salamis by region

In addition to the regions with the greatest varieties such as Lombardy and Piedmont, with 16 fantastic salami recipes: each region preserves its own tradition and its own production method which varies depending on the master butcher's belief.

By now we know, in our beautiful country there are truly salamis for all tastes! Check out the list here .

November 27th is salami day!

Salami Day is the perfect opportunity to fall even more in love with this precious Italian product. Discover our proposals and pay homage to one of the cornerstones of our cuisine.

Whether you enjoy it alone, in company or as the main ingredient of a recipe, salami is always the undisputed protagonist of Italian tables rich in tradition and flavour.