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Pasta filled with mints : tortelli from Crema

Pasta with mints what?

Masterchef Italia continues to uncover cloches and strange ideas for its tests for the show's contestants.

After "my Patong", it is now the filling of mints for a pastry that shocks the programme's contestants.

No, we're not going crazy, we're talking about the recipe for sweet tortelli from Crema!

In reality, the mints (between 3-4) are one of the approximately 13 ingredients that make up this masterpiece of Italian stuffed pasta.

Crema mints and tortelli: exploring the culinary art of Lombardy

Crema tortelli represent an authentic culinary delicacy, a combination of tradition and creativity that delights the palates of anyone who has the privilege of tasting them.

This sweet recipe combines particularly Lombard flavors with the fresh and aromatic touch of mints, creating a symphony of flavors that blend harmoniously in every bite.

Origins and tradition of the Cremasco tortello

Cremaschi ravioli are an integral part of the rich gastronomic tradition of Lombardy, and more specifically of the city of Crema.

This dish embodies the craftsmanship of local chefs, passing down secrets and techniques that have evolved over generations - of course each family has its own recipe. The choice to incorporate mints as a signature ingredient is a bold move that made this recipe one of a kind.

At the heart of the preparation: the touch of freshness of the mints

The beating heart of this sweet first course (the cousins ​​of scarpinocc) is the combination of the ingredients of the Crema tortelli.

The filling of Crema tortelli banishes chocolate and cocoa but focuses on amaretti. In addition to amaretto and cheese (grana padano aged for no less than 20 months), the mixture includes sultanas, cedar, and mostaccini, which are special biscuits made with cake dough, lemon zest, cinnamon, nutmeg, nails of clove, star anise, as well as mint (in this case replaced by mints) and egg marsala.

In short, what makes Crema ravioli truly extraordinary is their surprising note of freshness given by the mints where they play an unexpected but delicious role here. The mints are finely chopped and mixed with the filling, giving a lightness and a unique aroma to the mixture.

The ritual of preparing tortelli

The preparation of these ravioli is a real ritual that involves expert hands and passionate hearts. The dough, made with high quality flour and fresh eggs, is carefully rolled out to form thin sheets.

On these sheets, the filling flavored with mints is precisely arranged, creating small treasure chests of goodness ready to be sealed.

The magic of cooking and the perfect sauce

Once prepared, the ravioli are delicately cooked in salted water until they reach the perfect consistency: a balance between softness and al dente texture. As they cook, they give off an enveloping scent that makes you anticipate the pleasure to come.

The sauce that accompanies these ravioli is a crucial element in enhancing their flavours. A light sauce made with melted butter, fresh mint leaves and a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano creates an irresistible combination.

This sauce, with its velvety texture and rich flavor, envelops every ravioli, giving a memorable tasting experience.

The mystery of tortelli filled with mints has been revealed

Crema ravioli are a dish that deserves to be enjoyed calmly, perhaps in the company of good friends and a glass of fine wine.

Their elegant presentation makes them ideal for special occasions, bringing to the table not just a meal, but an extraordinary culinary experience.

These ravioli embody the excellence of Lombard cuisine, combining tradition with creativity in a combination that translates into unforgettable flavours. Every bite is a journey through the history and culture of Crema, a city that has made its gastronomy a heritage to be preserved and shared with the world.