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10 things to know about roast beef

Beef Roast Beef: all the Genuine secrets of the breeders

We are farmers and breeders, we love working well and... eating well! At the beginning, when we limited ourselves to breeding, we didn't know the knowledge of the artisan butcher; words like braised, sliced, sirloin evoked more tasty recipes than specific cuts of meat.

Today, however, at lunches we always make a great impression, talking about muscles, meat, fillet and reeling off explanations on all the best cuts of beef. In fact, following all the production phases, from breeding to sale, we learned a lot about cuts of beef thanks to our trusted artisan butcher Eugenio.

We therefore want to share with you 10 things to know about roast beef!

Roast beef is a dish made from beef. Unlike many other types of cuisine, the preparation is simple and the result is often considered a form of comfort food.

The meat is roasted in the oven or sometimes grilled on the barbecue. It is typically served hot with some form of gravy and often with vegetables or other accompaniments.

In some cases, to enjoy it cold and particularly in the United States, roast beef is usually cooked rare.

But then: What cut is roast beef? Translated from English, it is nothing more than "roast meat". And what is roast beef steak? And sliced ​​roast beef to eat cold? And who expects a bone-in or boneless steak like roast beef?

Let's see if we tell you something new about roast beef

1) What is roast beef (not roast beef, come on!)?

Roast beef in Italy is obtained from the first ribs of the loin, i.e. the muscle mass that forms the back of the cattle. It is one of the finest cuts, but it is also one of the most overused terms to describe high-end meat.

From the dictionary, roast beef means the queen of roast beef recipes, but in common parlance, when referring to roast beef, we are talking about many different things.

2) Roast beef in Italian is called sirloin : it is the boneless sirloin that offers the first choice roast, i.e. the sirloin roast.

3) The piece of roast beef, sliced ​​into thick slices, provides the best cut for the cut of beef: tender, compact, juicy.

4) Slices of roast beef : excellent boneless steaks, always obtained from the sirloin.

5) And what about sliced ​​roast beef to eat cold? The roast beef carpaccio and the cold slices to be enjoyed seasoned with oil and lemon or in a cold sandwich are a real delight.

The secret is to prepare it essentially as a main meal, taking care to check the cooking, and the leftovers can be reheated to prepare a cold roast beef sandwich.

6) Roast beef roast : what is the cut of meat to cook it? The perfect roast beef is sirloin for various reasons. The sirloin cut holds its shape well, is tender and perfect for the rosy cooking required by the roast beef recipe.

Other cuts of meat for the roast beef roast include the ribeye roast, top loin roast, and tenderloin roast; these cuts are often roasted in dry heat rather than moist heat (roast) because they are more tender.

7) Meat for roast beef : sirloin is the best, but as we have seen, roast beef is a cooking process, not a piece of meat. The cuts of meat used for roast beef come from the leanest parts of the animal; these include the round muscles, the upper side and the lower side (bottom round). There are therefore other cuts suitable for roast beef. Rump, walnut and rump are the most suitable pieces of meat for roast beef.

8) Does roast beef make you fat? The answer is it depends, if it is associated with particular sauces, if it is accompanied with the wrong foods such as potatoes or carbohydrates yes, if instead we combine vegetables or fiber the dish can be considered "fit".

The fat content of roast beef ranges from about 15% in a lean cut of brisket or rump, up to 25% in some cuts such as round tip or fatty end. Here is our recipe for a light lunch with roast beef and salad .

9) English roast beef : typical for Sunday lunch, cooked rigorously in the oven, well cooked on the outside, rosé on the inside. Roast beef is a signature dish of England and has cultural significance for English people dating back to the 17th century.

Roast beef in England is often served with horseradish or horseradish sauce, although some prefer mustard (the "mustard" sauce). It should be served rare or pink. Only the rare roast beef is prepared perfectly according to the English recipe.

10) Roast beef in the world : question of translation. In France and Belgium it is known as "bœuf bourguignon" (Burgundy style). In Germany, roast beef is served with potatoes and horseradish sauce, called "Braten". In Scotland, roast beef is part of traditional Sunday dinners from Easter to Christmas. In the United States, roasted New York strip steaks and T-bone steaks are usually roasted for family dinners or for special occasions such as birthdays or graduations.

Here are all the secrets of the famous Roast Beef revealed! Whether cooked in a pan, on the barbecue, baked with potatoes or pudding, stewed with Burgundy wine or in a super fit fresh sandwich. In short, roast beef is really good in all sauces.