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Carne italiana

2 easy recipes with sliced ​​beef

Italian meat: sliced ​​beef

Grills, summer, barbecues and... a table of friends to try out your experiments in the kitchen. If you are skilled in using the barbecue you can think of bringing a Pulled Pork to the table with the trimmings, if you want to dare with Italian cuisine by adapting a particular cut of meat you can think of the Tomahawk , if you prefer to stick to tradition and dare particular and extravagant combinations then the solution is the tagliatelle , or the sirloin .

Sliced ​​beef with citrus fruits

Sliced ​​beef with citrus fruits is a classic of barbecues and spring festivals. The cut of meat coming from Italian cows is a perfect compromise between taste and quality! Italian ingredients to underline the excellence of our country where culinary art reigns supreme.

Ingredients for sliced ​​beef with citrus fruits

Procedure for the cut of beef

To prepare sliced ​​beef from Italian cows you need to start with the marinade. Remove the meat from the refrigerator at least half an hour before you start working with it. In the meantime, squeeze 2 oranges, a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil, the rosemary and a little RUB into a bowl and mix.

Place the sliced ​​beef in a bowl, sprinkle it with the freshly prepared mixture and cover with tissue paper. Leave in the refrigerator to rest for at least 30 minutes. Save the marinade sauce.

Cook the sliced ​​Italian beef over medium heat, sear both sides or reach the desired doneness. When cooking is almost finished, prepare the citrus sauce by squeezing the juice of the third orange and adding a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. Plate, bring to the table and… Enjoy your meal!

Fillet with green pepper

Another must-have for kitchen workers that counts is the fillet with green pepper, easy to prepare, delicate in flavour, excellent if you choose 100% Italian meat from a certified farm.

Ingredients for the fillet with green pepper

  • 500 g of fillet
  • green peppercorns
  • 80 g of liquid cream
  • beef broth
  • ½ glass of brandy
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter
  • 1 handful of white flour
  • Salt to taste

Procedure for beef fillet with green pepper

The first step starts with the longest procedure: the meat broth. It is perfect to use the previously prepared meat cube , so as to streamline the time and speed up the preparation. Remove the meat from the refrigerator at least half an hour before using it, so that you can use it at room temperature and avoid any thermal shock. Using kitchen twine, tie the fillet so that it can maintain its shape during all cooking phases.

Dredge the fillet in flour, melt the butter in a pan and place the fillets to sear them on both sides. Lower the heat and leave on the heat for another 2 minutes. Add the Brandy, paying the utmost attention due to the flame created by the alcohol. As soon as the flame is extinguished, lower it again and add the green pepper with a pinch of salt.

Add half a portion of liquid cream, two ladles of meat broth and let it thicken. Keep the meat moving to prevent it sticking to the bottom of the pan and occasionally turn it to the other side. When the fillets have reached the desired cooking point, remove them from the heat and cut the string. In the pan used to cook the fillet, add the remaining cream and another ladle of meat, thicken so as to prepare the accompanying sauce. Add the sauce to the previously prepared fillet and bring to the table!

Online butcher: cuts of Italian beef

The online butcher's shop, in addition to offering a home delivery service and allowing purchases directly with one click, hides other advantages which range from being able to purchase particular cuts of Italian beef to the possibility of preferring Italian cured meats or choosing particular spices .

In short, if you want 100% Italian meat and you choose Carne Genuina you rely on the guarantee that ranges from cattle breeding using traditional methods, to the possibility of combining a cut of fine Italian beef and being able to bring a classic cheap steak suitable for every day, what matters is the certainty that the products are healthy and genuine.