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Menù pollo

The Genuine Christmas menu based on chicken

Chicken meat, let's clarify

The recipes that teach how to cook chicken breast range from imaginative to rich compositions of products that combine different ingredients. The starting point is chicken meat - or organic chicken meat - or turkey which proves to be extremely versatile and multifaceted.

Those who limit themselves to considering chicken breast healthy and exclude recipes with hamburger meat choose to leave out a multitude of solutions capable of turning lunches and dinners around.

Carne online Genuina chooses to offer unique festive recipes capable of overturning the palates of diners.

Chicken or rather recipes with baked chicken meat and more become the absolute protagonists and solve all the courses, excluding dessert for obvious reasons. By the way, for dessert you can think of an alternative panettone, made with sourdough and sweetened with Christmas cream, just right to solve even the sweet affair in one click.

Chicken meat appetizer recipes

A busy lunch like Christmas requires all the courses to be complete and rich.

The appetizer or entrée to be a little more chic, is ultimately the first moment in which the belly is happy and usually, we tend to overdo it with a thousand inviting and super tasty appetizers.

The platter of cured meats and cheeses therefore needs to be paired with something tasty and particular capable of enriching the festively laid table with sublime aromas and bright colours:

Choosing the three recipes based on free-range chicken meat becomes the perfect moment to enjoy unusual and alternative appetizers.

Chicken meat recipes for starters

Once the impasse of the little used ingredient - for no reason - has been overcome, for the Christmas holidays unusual dishes, oriental or often prepared with beef, appear on the table and gather applause and consensus.

It will definitely happen, and the enthusiasm will reach even higher peaks when it is announced loudly: free-range chicken is the protagonist of the table today!

  • Oriental soup recipe with beef and vegetables, rich and unusual, like the main ingredient. Beef needs to be replaced with organic chicken which provides a sublime and unique flavour.
  • Ravioli, raviolini, agnolotti...Let's clarify ! Here we need to clarify because there are two elements that come into play. On one side the broth which must be made of meat, on the other the filling which can take inspiration from the rolls made for the appetizers.
  • Passatelli in broth for the evening, when you need something hot, light and cooked in a tasty chicken broth just enough and equally light.

We were talking about broth, we need to make a clarification. In the era of zero waste, there are solutions that allow you to transform dishes and reuse them without any ifs or buts.

Carne Genuina has the solution, here's how to go from meat broth to stock cubes so as to have a good starting point for cooking second courses.

Second courses with chicken meat Christmas recipes

Et voilà, here we are at the big moment!

The latter, that moment when you start to feel your stomach full of food, immediately after taking a walk and getting up from the table.

In short, the second course phase arrives exactly before the moment of boiling and, to avoid further weighing down the body, it is necessary to propose tasty, fragrant and, where possible, light dishes:

  • The Umbrian stew: the frico di Gubbio, son of tradition, is a simple dish to prepare that fills the plate and pleases the eye.
  • Chicken skewers with Dijon mustard the sauce is particular, at times unique and can be replaced with any other version tradition requires, the additional idea is to choose to prepare a sauce for boiled meat and also serve beef on the table , so as to enrich without distorting.
  • Tasty chicken in beer in terms of artisanal tradition, among the festive recipes the baked guinea fowl stands out, the variant with chicken and beer becomes a fantastic added value capable of adding that extra touch.

Chicken meat online: the Genuine solution

With just a few days left until Christmas, we need to work hard to prepare ingredients and raw materials and start getting to work! Carne online Genuina manages to solve the problem by offering ready-to-use solutions and guaranteeing top quality products.

Full respect for animal welfare combined with traditional animal growth methods become a perfect starting point for creating delicious dishes, sometimes extravagant and perfect to amaze guests first with the sight and then with the taste.

The Christmas holidays find an excellent ally of taste and flavor in recipes with organic chicken meat, just choose the most suitable cuts of meat and fill your cart! Merry Christmas!