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Christmas around the world: South America

Christmas gastronomy in South America: a celebration of flavors and traditions

Christmas, celebrated around the world, is often characterized by a symphony of flavors that reflect local traditions and cultures.

In South America, this special moment is an occasion when tables are filled with rich and appetizing dishes, and families come together to share moments of joy and conviviality.

From Brazil to Argentina, from Venezuela to Peru, Christmas celebrations unfold through a rich culinary panorama, offering unique dishes that tell stories of ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation.

On this culinary journey, we'll explore some of the iconic dishes that make Christmas in South America an unforgettable tasting experience.

1. Christmas dinner in Brazil: the Christmas Eve dinner

In Brazil, Christmas Eve dinner, called "Ceia de Natal", is a moment of joy and conviviality. A very popular main course is the "Peru de Natal", Christmas turkey, often stuffed with dried fruit and served with farofa, a mixture of cassava flour and butter.

2. Panettone in Argentina: a sweet imported tradition

In Argentina, you won't believe it but panettone is a constant presence on Christmas tables.

This dessert, originally from Italy, has become an Argentine tradition, often filled with dulce de leche, a caramelized milk cream.

3. Nochebuena dinner in Mexico: rich and colorful dish

In Mexico, the Nochebuena Dinner on December 24th is a time of culinary celebration. "Bacalao a la Vizcaína", vizcaína-style cod, is a traditional dish prepared with tomatoes, peppers, almonds and olives. Tamales, pozole and piñatas are other essentials of Christmas celebrations.

4. Asado in Argentina: grilled meat under the stars

In Argentina, Asado, the grilled meat, is a tradition that extends all year round, but during Christmas it becomes a special event. Beef ribs, sausages and other meats are slow grilled to create a feast that brings family and friends together.

The word Asado means cooked on the grill and the difference with the Italian relative is precisely the type of cooking which, for the Argentine Asado can be subjected to four methods - and strictly on the grill.

Obviously, as an appetizer you can't miss the salted empanadas made with onions, peppers, meat and hard-boiled eggs.

In short, the Asado is very famous in South America and one of the most representative cooking methods of the Argentine Christmas barbecue: tasty, tasty and very tender, find out more in our dedicated article .

5. Dinner on the 24th in Venezuela: pernil and hallacas

In Venezuela, Christmas Eve dinner on December 24 includes "Pernil", slow-roasted pork, often accompanied by hallacas, a dish made with pork, chicken, olives, eggs and spices wrapped in banana leaves and steamed .

6. Picante de cuy in Peru: a delight from above

In the Andean regions of Peru, "Picante de Cuy" can appear on Christmas tables. This dish is based on guinea pig, a culinary delight appreciated for its tasty meat.

7. Vitel toné in Argentina: a cold dish with Christmas warmth

In Argentina, "Vitel Toné" is a very popular cold dish during the Christmas period. These are slices of veal served with a tuna and mayonnaise sauce.

Vitello tonnato is also king in Italy: you think of vitello tonnato and you immediately think of a thin slice of meat enriched and covered with mayonnaise - rigorously homemade - combined with tuna and a pinch of lemon.

Finally, the dish must be completed with organic capers, otherwise there is no taste. The creation is quite long, but the result will be truly fantastic! Here is our recipe for vitello with tuna sauce .

8. Cream Ponche in Venezuela: a Christmas liqueur

Ponche crema, a liqueur made from condensed milk, eggs, rum and vanilla, is a traditional Venezuelan drink that often appears during Christmas celebrations.

Christmas around the world: ideas from South America

Christmas in South America is an explosion of regional flavors and culinary traditions. Each dish is a testimony to the cultural roots that characterize this fascinating part of the world.

Whether you are fond of an Argentine asado, a ceviche or a sweet Argentine Panettone, South American Christmas is an unforgettable culinary experience.

Merry Christmas to all!