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Roast Beef and sauces: the winning combination

The recipe for roast beef with sauces

One of the best-known recipes with meat and re-proposed in Italian and foreign cuisines. We are talking about roast beef with delicious sauces as an accompaniment. But be careful, its preparation must follow precise steps because there are small precautions that can hinder the success of the meat pact.

Here is a super basic recipe to prepare the typical dish that is brought to the table on festive days: a very tasty roast beef and the most common sauces to accompany it. The recipe is really easy to follow but you have to be very careful to follow all the steps to have super succulent and perfectly cooked meat; otherwise we risk preparing a roast meat: always tasty but it is not the recipe we are trying to obtain.

What cuts of meat are best for roast beef?

There are many cuts of meat that are suitable for making roast beef, the important thing is that they are top quality and come from Italian farms. The sirloin or sirloin - aka boneless Florentine - in a nice whole piece is perfect for preparing a tasty roast beef. If, however, you want to dare and bring the highest quality to your diners - but always distorting the cut - even a beef rib will be able to give a super gourmet roast beef.

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The quick roast beef recipe

Ingredients for 6 people

  • 1 kg of roast beef
  • 1 liter of meat broth
  • 4 tablespoons of EVO oil
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary
  • butter to taste
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste

Quick roast beef recipe

We take the cut of meat and tie it with the rosemary sprigs and kitchen string, for an extra visual touch we can create a square lattice, place it in a well-oiled and lightly buttered baking tray. Bake at 250°C for approximately 25 minutes.

We keep the meat well sprayed and often with the cooking juices to prevent it from drying out too much. Halfway through cooking, turn it over with the help of a spatula so that it browns well on all sides. Be careful not to pierce the meat during cooking to avoid it releasing its juices and drying out too much, turning into roast!

Once the indicated time has passed, the meat should appear a nice golden color on the surface, prick it with an oven fork and if you see a nice pink sauce come out. the meat will be ready.

Remove from the oven, add salt and pepper to the surface and dilute the cooking juices with half a glass of meat broth. Remove the string, which will have created a nice mesh on the meat, cut the cooked roast beef into fine slices and pour in the cooking juices. We serve both cold and hot and accompany with the sauces we have chosen.

Sauces for roast beef: delicious ideas

What sauces should you prepare to accompany a good roast beef? We can cook a yogurt sauce with chives, a green sauce (evergreen, as the name itself says), a citronette-like sauce but with mustard and lime or homemade mayonnaise. For a more exotic taste you can create a reduction of soy sauce and ginger or try your hand at the chimichurri sauce, finally the Cren sauce will amaze with that spicy and fresh taste. Discover our top 5 meat sauces in the dedicated article.

In short, sauces for meat, if prepared to perfection and using fresh and genuine ingredients, offer the opportunity to enhance all cuts of Italian and non-Italian meat, but also to give a touch of personality to our cuisine.