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World Cheese Award: the global cheese showcase

World Cheese Award: excellence in cheeses from around the world

The World Cheese Award is one of the most prestigious events in the global dairy scene, an occasion in which cheeses from all over the globe are subjected to rigorous evaluation and are subjected to the judgment of experts from every corner of the planet.

But what exactly does this renowned competition judge?

Organized annually, the competition involves expert tasters, judges and producers who come together to celebrate the fascinating and complex world of cheeses.

This competition, renowned for its severity and impartiality of the elements evaluated.

This competition offers a unique opportunity to explore the vast diversity of flavors and traditions that characterize the world of cheese.

What does the World Cheese Award represent?

The World Cheese Award is not just a competition to decide the best cheeses, but an opportunity to highlight the importance of quality, tradition and innovation in the dairy world.

Each cheese presented is an ambassador of the territory from which it comes, telling stories of ancient production techniques and passion for excellence.

The charm of the World Cheese Award in our online shop

This competition becomes a sort of sensory journey that crosses continents, discovering the art and science behind dairy production. And you too can discover some of the charm in our online butcher shop thanks to the cheeses from Caseificio Taddei!

Here are the most awarded.

Save Cremasco DOP by Caseificio Taddei: an award-winning excellence

Among the cheeses that shone in the context of the World Cheese Award, the Salva Cremasco DOP from Caseificio Taddei stands out. This cheese, with its rich flavor and sublime texture, has conquered the palates of experts, bringing home well-deserved recognition.

This cheese, awarded with prestigious awards, embodies Italian dairy perfection, bringing with it the authentic taste of a tradition that has been handed down for generations.

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The excellence of Taleggio DOP in 2013

In 2013, Taleggio DOP achieved an epic triumph at the World Cheese Award, catching the judges' attention and winning the hearts of cheese enthusiasts. This variety of Italian cheese, with its natural rind and creamy paste, stood out as the winner in its category, taking home an award that testifies to its extraordinary quality and respect for dairy traditions.

Taleggio DOP, produced according to strict standards that preserve its authenticity, has proven to be an ambassador of Italian taste on the global scene. Its victory at the 2013 World Cheese Award is a tribute to the skill of the producers and the richness of the lands from which it comes. This recognition has contributed to consolidating the reputation of Taleggio DOP as one of the most prized and loved cheeses in the international dairy world.

Exploring other triumphs: Blu di Bufala and Pan di Cacio

In addition to Salva Cremasco and Taleggio, other cheeses have reached the heights of success at the World Cheese Awards. The Blu di Bufala, with its intensity and complexity, captured the attention of the jury. Pan di Cacio, a genuine expression of dairy traditions, received recognition for its excellence in the 2016 world cheese award.

A prestigious list: award-winning cheeses and honours

In recent years, these cheeses have collected prizes and honors at the World Cheese Award, establishing themselves as ambassadors of quality in the dairy world. The list of awards confirms not only the artisanal skill of the producers, but also the richness and diversity of the world's dairy heritage.

The World Cheese Award is not just a competition, but a tribute to the passion, craftsmanship and variety of flavors that characterize the world of cheese. Exploring the winners of this prestigious competition is an exciting journey through the lands and dairy traditions around the globe.