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The art of pairing: pickles and mustards

Pickles: An exploration of pickled flavors

Pickles are preserved delights that add a crunchy, tangy note to any meal. Typically prepared through the vinegar preservation process, these pickles are a versatile condiment that can complement savory dishes deliciously.

From crunchy cucumbers to sweet onions and from spicy chillies - or sweet ones like sweet and sour Tighe peppers - to tasty carrots, without ever forgetting the queen of pickles: the giardiniera.

Pickles can be made with a wide range of vegetables, allowing for a varied choice to please any gourmet's palate.

Pairing guide: what to pair with pickles?

When it comes to pairing pickles, it's crucial to find the right balance of flavors.

Tart, crunchy pickles often work great with fatty dishes, such as rich meats and creamy cheeses, as their bright flavor can help balance excess fat or blue cheeses to support the flavor.

Furthermore, they can be served as an ideal side dish for boiled meats (white or red), cured meats, sandwiches and grilled meat or fish dishes, adding a fresh and crunchy note that elevates the overall taste.

How to serve pickles? For example, the vegetable giardiniera can be served with meat, cured meats, fish and tasty appetizers. Instead, if we think of Tighe, the typical pairing is with Salva Cremasco cheese or cured meats.

Discovering mustards: a condiment that deserves attention

What goes into mustard? Mustards, unlike pickles, are condiments prepared with ground mustard seeds and various additives, such as honey, sugar and spices.

What's inside mustard? Available in a variety of textures, ingredients and flavours, mustards offer a range of aromas ranging from sweet to sweet and sour to spicy.

Refine the pairings: use of mustards

With their complexity of flavour, mustards are ideal for accompanying the king of the table: mixed boiled meat. But they go perfectly with fine cheeses, grilled meats and cured meat dishes.

Which cheeses to eat with mustard? Sweet or spicy mustards are often served alongside soft cheeses, mature or blue cheeses to create a balanced contrast of sweetness and flavor.

What to pair with fruit mustard? It also goes perfectly with meat dishes, such as boiled meats, roast pork and steaks, which can benefit from the complexity of the flavors offered by the various types of mustards.

How is mustard used in cooking? The versatility of mustard is revealed when it is used, as well as as a combination with complex meats, as a condiment to flavor sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages.

Our pairings with mustards in our online shop:

  • Cremonese strawberry mustard : recommended with goose liver, venison and wild boar cured meats, fresh and creamy cheeses, chocolate desserts and cream ice cream.
  • Christmas cream soup (with chestnuts, orange and cinnamon) : it is a spoonful mustard, ideal with soft and fresh cheeses such as Crescenza, mascarpone and cream ice cream.
  • Cremonese onion mustard : recommended with boiled meat, cured meats, medium-aged cheeses.
  • The queen, traditional Cremonese mustard : recommended - obviously - with the great mixed boiled meat and the great variety of cow's and goat's cheeses.

Classic combinations: pickles and mustards with meat

Both pickles and mustards find a warm welcome alongside a variety of meat dishes, for example the pickled vegetable to pair with boiled meat is the classic giardiniera and the mustard (we shouldn't even say it because we know) is the Cremonese one .

Pickles can offer a crunchy, refreshing note that balances the fatty texture of the meat, while mustards add a depth of flavor that pairs beautifully with the robust flavor of the meat.

Try pairing red onion pickles with grilled steaks or spicier mustards with cooked ham for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Dairy delights: pickles and mustards with cheeses

Pickles and mustards are a perfect touch to a cheese board.

Alongside a selection of mature and fresh cheeses, pickles can offer a pleasant contrast in flavor and texture, while mustards can add a sweet or tangy note that enhances the complex flavors of the cheeses.

Try pairing chilli pickles with fresh cheeses and orange or strawberry chutneys with aged pecorino for a surprising mix of flavors and textures.

Pickles and mustards: an ideal combination to enhance the taste

When it comes to pairing pickles and mustards, the important thing is to experiment and discover which combinations best suit your tastes.

With their ability to deliver surprising flavor notes, both pickles and mustards can transform any dish into an unforgettable dining experience.