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The chicken is to the broth what the old cow is to the grill

Old cow and ethical question

The assonance of the title with the hen that makes good broth becomes the perfect solution to accurately explain the importance - on an ethical level - of the old cow. Nothing to do with animals sent for fattening because in terms of seniority they are close to the slaughterhouse, but differently the conscious choice to feed an animal with a balanced diet for a medium-long period of time so as to offer tasty meat rich in said fat Good.

The possibility of grazing freely and full respect for animal welfare intrigued the Carne online Genuina staff who chose to introduce the animal into their farm. This is how the Costata Bovì Limited Edition and Fiorentina Bovì Dry Aged were born: cow aged at least 6 years, matured for 30 days and use of the dry aging technique, an agglomerate of excellence which translates into spectacular meat.

Our new "old cow" line was born from the desire to experiment and enhance the meat of our adult Friesians. The marbled meat from old cows has unique taste characteristics, also underlined by the skilful long, dry aged maturation.

Old cow characteristics

The characteristics that revolve around the definition respond to two different schools of thought. On the one hand, absolute respect for the animal's well-being which must be linked to free grazing and the possibility given to the animal to move freely in large spaces.

Slaughter can take place after the fifth year of life and only when a certain minimum weight is reached: from 350 kilograms to 1 ton.

The requirements allow us to obtain a particular fat with a yellowish and stratified colour, which translates into a sublime marbling.

At the same time, the soft and tender meat is enriched with flavor thanks to the consistent presence of juices that combine with the fat melted during cooking.

The free grazing composed mainly of grass and vegetables finds an additional detail in the Rubia Gallega since the breeding area, being close to the Atlantic, is enriched with a salty touch that is difficult to replicate and excellent for grilling.

Old Spain and vacation

Much is known about the old cow, perhaps a great deal. The bovine breed - which is not really a breed - derives from the Rubia of Galicia and thanks to the particular growth and slaughter procedure it lends itself to being one of the best meats perfect for grilling and cooking on the grill. Furthermore, its appearance on the market hides a particular history that contributes to making its cuts even more precious.

The beginning with Joseph Gordon

Agronomist, chef, breeder and by passion, explorer. The story of the old cow begins like this, thanks to the histrionic curiosity of Gordon who, traveling around Europe, especially in the areas of Portugal and Transylvania, selected perfect cattle breeds for breeding in the Iberian peninsula. On his farm, Gordon chooses to preserve local cattle breeds and occasionally add particular cattle without compromising the breed.

By creating special enclosures, he chooses to let the animals graze in a semi-wild state for many years. Thus was born the vaca vieja. Among the preserved breeds there is the Rubia Gallega which, combined with semi-free grazing, transforms into a vaca vieja without equal.

Old cow and Italy

The cuts of meat from the old cow have won over many connoisseurs who, enticed by the very high quality of the meat, choose to introduce into their businesses, supporting the ethical issue that is so essential in traditional breeding.

On the one hand, full respect for the animal's well-being and on the other hand, the possibility of bringing an authentic delicacy to the table, full of commitment and dedication.

Maturation, or rather dry aging, are the direct consequences that offer the meat an extra touch.

Dry aging, what?

Dry aging is a meat aging technique. When the garment is cut down, to offer the best it must be stored in cold storage for a certain period of time. Dry aging is the period of time in which the cut of meat is preserved and "matured" with a perfect mix of temperature and humidity.

Although the operation may appear simple, it must be carried out using specific machinery and refrigerators that preserve the meat without increasing the bacterial load. This is why dry-aged meat is considered valuable and even more so when you choose to submit to the treatment a cut that initially turns out to be one of the excellences on the market.

Genuine meat and details

Carne Genuina chooses to offer its customers particular cuts of meat that are born with the same principle with which Gordon created the old vaca. Animal welfare is one of the essential elements that best describe the tradition and methods of the past.

The union of these elements has made it possible to create an all-Italian variant of vaca vieja which has excellent starting points and lends itself to different cooking methods. The grill, or rather the embers, remains the perfect cooking method, however the wood oven also becomes an excellent ally for quality cuisine.

An essential factor to enhance and complete the sublime taste of a delicious meat is represented by the spices added during cooking or plating: Italian ideas and recipes offer a hint at different solutions that become starting points for unleashing the imagination.