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Buone come la fiorentina

Cheap steaks

The butcher recommends low cost steaks!

Contacting your trusted butcher is infallible advice for organizing the perfect barbecue and impressing everyone you send - obviously keeping your bank account intact. Red yes, but only for rare meat!

Fiorentina is a cut of meat that comes from the dorsal area of ​​the beef. The peculiarity of the cut is given by the position which, not being in constant movement, allows you to obtain a compact, soft, tasty product and perfect for the grill.

In addition to grilled Florentine steaks , there are less valuable and equally tasty cuts of meat, capable of offering themselves as valid alternatives: economical steaks.

Derived from the same position, they capture some well-known characteristics of Fiorentina without replicating it in its entirety. That's why they are called almost as good.

Cheap steaks: younger sisters of Florentine meat

Among the cuts of meat from which the Florentine sisters are made there is the fifth quarter, it may seem strange that such a particular solution exists among offal or what is not usually considered, and yet...

Skirt steak, panniculus or diaphragm

If the name reminds you of nothing, for the Italian translation it represents amazement: the beef diaphragm. In some areas of Italy it is called pannicolo or fetta, the fact is that its main characteristic is a perfect balance in terms of marbling and softness of the meat.

The beef diaphragm lends itself to many dishes, including rolls - perhaps enriched with sausage and vegetables -, slices to be pan-fried, or where the cut is more often a sort of Florentine meat "de no altri", why say “poor” is bad.

Hanger steak or sirloin steak

The attention to be paid to the hanger steak during cooking is - and must be - meticulous and extremely careful. If too raw it is annoying to the palate, if too cooked it risks making any chewing gum jealous.

It is the medium cooking that represents the plus for the hanger steak which in Italy is known as diaphragm or more precisely loin steak, one of the many cuts of meat present in our online butcher's shop.

Now that the Italian equivalent has been revealed, this is why meticulousness and malice are needed when cooking. The rules of the best ones are, once again, a valid help in offering a varied, tasty and above all economical barbecue!

Flap meat aka bavetta grande or flap steak

Flap meat holds and maintains the podium of balance between low price and great flavour. The fibers present in the cut of meat allow the flavor to unleash especially when cooking using a barbecue or grill.

In Italy flap meat is known as large flap or internal oblique, and thanks to its characteristics it undisputedly appreciates slow, prolonged and low flame cooking. The idea of ​​re-proposing flap meat in a Josper oven could be a fantastic novelty to enrich summer barbecues and beyond!

Flank steak aka beef belly

Another valid alternative to ask your trusted butcher is the flank steak.

The particular cut corresponds to the small bavette which, being mainly composed of abdominal muscles, requires meticulous care during the cooking phase.

Perfect if thin, excellent if cooked on the grill, sublime if left to rest for a few minutes after cooking, exceptional if decorated with grains of Maldon salt.

Flat iron steak or our priest's hair

Here comes the priest's hat among the Englishisms. The priest's hat and the recipes that are prepared with it can have different names depending on the city you are in.

In Milan it is also called fesone di shoulder, while in Bari, Naples and Turin you can ask for shoulder. In central Italy you can hear it called shoulder pulp while in Reggio Calabria it is shoulder rind. In Sicily, however, it is a paliciata and shoulder covering in Catania, a shoulder in Messina, and a shoulder in Palermo.

Versatile, delicious, often used for long cooking - as with a good roast in the oven - but it is also a valid alternative for scallops, morsels, strips and for real low cost steaks.

Do you want a nice recipe with the priest's hair on the barbecue? Discover the article: Flat iron steak bbq aka the barbecue priest's hat recipe .

Cheap steaks: bigger sisters of the Fiorentina steak

Perhaps defining them as cheap is not the most appropriate term, but it is equally true that there are types of steaks capable of giving the same enthusiasm as the Florentine while keeping - more or less - the volume of the wallet intact.

Especially overseas, it is customary to exaggerate with grilled meat and propose bizarre, alternative combinations capable of making your mouth water just at the thought. There are many variations, some within everyone's reach and others only for some, the price factor is one of the conditions that goes hand in hand with the need to know how to eat.

Among the most well-known and curious are: the Tbone, the Tomahawk (or Celtic rib), the Porterhouse and the more classic and simple rib. In short, T-bone steaks offer grilled added value in terms of flavor comparable to very few other cuts of meat. Choose with taste and with an eye on your wallet!

Rubs, salts and cheap steaks: explosion of flavor!

Grilling meat is an excellent excuse to gather friends and uncork a few bottles of good red - or beer -, to make it even tastier and more delicious you need to enrich the cut of meat with that something extra.

The inspiration comes directly from the undisputed homeland of the perfect barbecue: the United States of America which has acquired a special gift for enriching the barbecue with special and refined aromas.

The Rubs and flavored salts for meat represent the added value to create the perfect fragrance and integrate the flavor of the meat which, thanks to grilling, lends itself to particular experiments.

The good old rosemary sprig leaves room for particular and sometimes precious rubs that make the barbecue unique!

Find the ideal solution to become a perfect griller in our meat boxes !