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Dry Aging and curiosity

Maturation and its origins

Dry aging is a technique that many know and appreciate, however to get the most out of a dish based on this meat you need to know where the maturation comes from. The practice has very ancient origins, it seems that already in the 5th century the Tartati, more out of necessity than virtue, used long maturation to best preserve and cook the beef. The meat was placed under the saddles in contact with the back of the horse which, pressed by the weight of the rider in the saddle, became soft and succulent.

Ancient maturing was a necessity to be avoided and repeated in the modern world for a series of clear and obvious reasons. However, once again something ancient finds expression and use in today's evolved world which chooses to take inspiration from traditional customs to offer excellent and refined products.

Homemade dry aged meat. Practical advice

Dry-aged meat is the most sublime thing you can bring to the table. Unfortunately, the rather high cost of long-aged cuts of meat becomes a mirage for those who even just want to get close to a juicy, inviting steak of aged meat, so the stroke of genius could invade everyday life and start producing bizarre ideas for a home solution made.

It matters little that more or less authoritative experts in the sector say that it is better not to. The temerity of those who want to dare without any ifs or buts becomes a priority and risks compromising the final outcome, removing the "risk".

There are essential elements to respect:

  • quality of the meat
  • possibility of a space intended solely and exclusively for the wet aging or dry aging process
  • verification and control of the correct progress of the dry aging technique

In short, the high prices are well justified by the elements that revolve around the maturing process.

Dry Aged Steaks: curious delicacies

Fine cuts of meat touch every corner of the continent, sometimes combined with cooking and preservation methods showing off their best. Imagine if the most delicious grilling method in the world meets the finest meat raised in native pastures. Imagine Japanese steers transformed into delicious dry aged wagyu beef: the finest and tastiest cut of meat due to a series of characteristics that begin with the perfect marbling, treated with a method capable of enhancing taste and flavour. Sublime. The combination offers an exceptional point of view thanks to the desire to combine two already excellent starting elements.

Maturation of white meat

The dry aging technique can be applied to all types of meat, without excluding any type, what changes are the times which can be shorter for white cuts. What matters is the objective you want to achieve and to know it you first need to be familiar with the method.

This is why, and for one more reason, it is necessary to choose meat matured by those who know the technique and the rules that revolve around the practice. The master butcher is the perfect figure to advise and prepare dry aged meat, as well as a passionate and competent restaurateur. Generally speaking, it takes just under or just over 72 hours to mature white meat.

Long maturation and curious recipes

Dry maturing requires a certain tradition and complies with precise and rather strict rules. The same concept can be applied to vacuum-packed meat by choosing to add particular and sometimes bizarre ingredients. Once again we need to underline how important it is to choose meat prepared by professionals of the trade. Among the most particular experiments are: maturation in butter, lard and whiskey. Ingredients capable of adding a unique and particular touch that is difficult to repeat in other combinations.

Butter seasoning

The perfect cuts to offer the best with butter maturing are entrecote and fillets, anything that without the bone can be and remain tender and juicy. To make it, you need to wrap the meat in a large quantity of butter and place it in the refrigerator for a period ranging between 30 and 90 days.

Whiskey seasoning

The solution is also suitable for use as a marinade. To carry out the whiskey seasoning you need to use a sterile soaked cloth with which to wrap the cut of meat which can be of any type as long as it comes from first choice cattle. The period varies from 30 to 90 days.

Maturation only for the real ones

Now that we have chosen to propose new ideas and solutions, once again we need to make a clarification. Dry-aged meat must be prepared only by those who have the skills and tools to ensure that certain production standards are respected. The perfect idea is to find places that prepare it and choose to live the experience, so as to be sure that the meat meets all the requirements. The starting point is always one, the choice of top quality meat capable of adapting to different processes without compromising its character and taste in any way. Choose well to eat better.