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How do you choose the roast ?

Roast meat, what?

The roast meats range from different cuts to delicious fillings. Even before presenting an overview of the different types of roast, it is necessary to understand exactly what is meant by the term. Roasting is essentially a cooking method that includes 4 practices: oven, pan, embers and griddle. Depending on the practice, the preparation of the recipe requires the addition of a few liquids - meat and vegetable broth or lemon juice, and some fat - extra virgin olive oil combined with melted butter.

The different preparation methods are divided into two categories which generally respond directly to traditional local recipes: stewed or dry. Once again it is the presence or total absence of liquid ingredients that determines the type of final product. In any case, roast meats are usually prepared following recipes that include stewed cooking, thanks to meat broth and a final dry nuance, i.e. allowing the humidity to evaporate and completing cooking with an uncovered pan.

Roast meat, how many are there?

Roast beef is the perfect solution and most adaptable to different recipes and combinations, which is why it is the most popular. In terms of cuts, the real beef occupies the first position which, added to a tutorial to understand how to tie the roast, becomes the perfect starting point for an excellent second course. In addition to the real cut, beef shoulder and spinach can also perform the function, as long as you choose to follow the traditional advice: cooking over a slow low heat and topped up from time to time with homemade meat broth .

Real roast meat

The real roast meat is a perfect starting point, the meat becomes soft and succulent when cooked. The complete and light flavor adapts to different additions and variations: on the one hand the spices and on the other the aromatic herbs manage to involve the flavor of the meat and allow the morsel to melt in the mouth, releasing a unique taste. The king is a prime cut that can be approached, in creating a roast beef recipe with the rotunda - or meat, the flake and the belly.

Cutting fish for roasting

The roast recipe starring the cut of beef fish manages to amaze guests who may be surprised by the name alone. It will then be the union of a complete and not too thin flavor that completes the amazement, translating into a pleasant sensation. Fish is the institutional name that becomes rump in Padua or indisco in Sicily, in fact it remains a rich and tasty cut coming from the rear part of the animal. The fish is perfect for a stuffed roast recipe perhaps with a spicy touch with Calabrian Nduja and or other solutions, for a filling capable of overwhelming the palate in terms of flavour.

Roast spinach

The third variant for a spectacular oven roast is to choose spinach as a cut of meat. A clue, it is also called a pocket, what will be its perfect use? Here the baked stuffed spinach roast becomes the perfect solution to allow the cut of meat to express itself at its best. The only precaution that is useless even in the case of beef fish is to beat the edges of the meat if they are too thick. Especially in the case of fillings, it is essential to know how to tie the roast, so as to avoid the product from leaking and to waste the effort used to create the recipe.

Roast pork

Roast pork is known for its rich and complete flavour, it is the right balance between fat and meat that transforms the product into the perfect ingredient for a tasty and delicious second course. There are different cuts that lend themselves to the cause, the classic recipe is represented by the roast with potatoes and to make it you need to choose the loin. Pork fillet is an equally tasty but relatively leaner alternative, but you need to choose a cut with a minimum amount of fat to make the sauce tasty.

The perfect compromise when it comes to roast meat when it comes to pork is the neck or shoulder, good at the right level, fat just enough and perfect for cooking in different ways. We also need to remember the excellent dish of central Italy: the arista! Which, in its many versions, manages to adapt from finger food to a classic second course.

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Roast veal

The perfect ingredient for a pressure cooker roast is veal. The characteristics that make this type of roast perfect for a second course are 2: tenderness and softness. The meat, especially if the choice falls on rump or rump, adapts perfectly to long cooking and has light veins of fat capable of giving the bite a full, full-bodied flavour. Roast recipes are the perfect compromise to satisfy all palates and, in the case of veal, they manage to satisfy all guests thanks to the versatility of the combinations and the possibility of risky combinations.

Roast and side dishes

The perfect roast recipe exists, you need to put some precautions into practice and choose combinations and side dishes in perfect harmony, so as to create a perfect balance between the juiciness of the meat and the delicacy of the side dish. In short, we need to go beyond the classic baked potatoes. The perfect choice is directly proportional to the season:

  • in summer it is better to prefer fresh and light side dishes seasoned with citrus sauces
  • in winter polenta or mashed potatoes have their reasons
  • in autumn mushrooms and chestnuts prevail
  • in spring... anything goes, but the undisputed queens remain the aromatic herbs that tickle the sense of smell.

Attention shifts towards the recipe for roast meat becomes essential, since if the preference is a stuffed dish, the side dish must be light and undemanding, otherwise you can aim for more eccentric associations to make the dish imaginative, colorful and above all tasty. Roast is a dish that requires the right balance. Nothing else.