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6+1 tricks for the perfect roast

How to cook the roast of…?

First you need to choose the roast recipe that best suits the chosen cut of meat. Among the meat recipes for dinner there are many variations of roast. The dish, in fact, lends itself perfectly both to an excellent lunch such as roast with potatoes and to a last-minute makeshift, warmed up in a pot perhaps recovering the leftovers from Sunday.

The roast can be veal, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken or beef. Usually we tend to prefer roast veal as it has tender and soft meat which is popular with adults and children alike. Even beef has its place of honour, the trick is to cook it thoroughly and prefer beef for roasting in a pressure cooker, so as to make the meat soft without the risk of it breaking down, creating the effect pulled pork - good yes, but a little out of place!

The scent of roast veal in the pot

The scent is important, indeed very important. Here is the first secret that allows those left behind the stove to receive endless applause! To amplify the inviting and welcoming scent that brings back memories of the busy Christmas lunches of when you were a child, you need to be cunning: roast sauce is an excellent ally that helps make an otherwise just top roast veal recipe super top.

On a technical level, the aroma of the dish is released through the Maillard reaction - the same operation that occurs with barbecue and grilled meat, when the sugars and proteins begin to caramelize once they reach certain temperatures. This is why in every roast veal recipe the browning phase is essential!

Pan roast with potatoes and quality question

Especially for recipes that seem simple and within everyone's reach, you need to pay attention to details. Among the precautions to be taken when trying to understand how to cook roast beef is the quality of the meat.

Which cut of meat for roast? Which animal? What type of pot roast cooking? And a series of other questions that are quickly answered: the quality must be excellent to guarantee medium cooking time and prevent it from becoming excessively elastic. Therefore, tender beef is obtained from first choice cuts of meat, even better if the roast comes from a farm that applies European discipline and chooses to keep the rules of peasant tradition intact.

Mini budget for mini roast beef, this is the rule that must be respected when choosing to bring this recipe to the table. Online beef offers numerous solutions, Carne Genuina, the online butcher, has a section in which it chooses to offer the real roast and the netted roast as products and adds the possibility of taking inspiration from one of the many recipes present in the portal. One click, one purchase of meat online and one recipe: you just need to use your imagination and get your hands in the pot - figuratively speaking, eh!

Excellent cuts of meat for roasts

The cuts of meat most commonly used for roasts are:

Veal roast and cooking

When it comes to cooking, there are two currents of thought that lead to the same goal - but this cannot be said for those who are faithful to one of the two variants!

Both solutions, if you follow the recipe to the letter, allow you to obtain an exquisite dish full of praise, otherwise you can always blame the cooking! It is important to remember that, unlike what you think, the roast is a dish to be cooked with medium cooking, which means that you don't need hours and hours on the fire, but a maximum of 2 hours is enough to obtain an excellent dish.

The secret to checking for proper cooking is to use a meat thermometer to check the cooking of the heart - the nerve center of the piece of meat. If it is removed from the heat when cooking is not finished, this can be solved by cutting the roast veal into slices and browning it just enough in a pan with your favorite roast sauce, or with the meat broth used for the previous cooking. By doing this the slices of meat absorb more of the flavor and are enriched with flavour, try it!

Roast recipes: preparation first

The secret to making the meat perfect even before cooking is the previous preparation. Marinade as a mantra in the kitchen! The external fat must not be eliminated as it will be the part that offers that extra taste, a sort of added value.

To marinate, proceed as follows: rub the roast with chopped aromatic herbs and a drop of oil, place in a bowl, cover and leave to rest in the refrigerator overnight. It is better to avoid salt and pepper in the mix as they risk excessively flavoring and making the meat too spicy: lemon or orange, thyme, parsley. The roast must be cooked at room temperature, so it is necessary to remove it from the refrigerator at least 2 hours before actually putting it on the heat, so as to make the Maillard reaction perfect and guarantee uniform cooking.

Roast veal: fire on the stove!

The cooking moment is one of the most important phases. To ensure that the meat keeps its juices intact and is soft and juicy, you need to preheat the oven to 150°C, while cooking must be at 220/240°C. If instead, instead of the classic roast beef in the oven, you prefer to dare with cooking in a pan, the pan must be large - cast iron is better -. In the pan, to trigger the maillard reaction, you need to cook the roast for a few minutes over high heat with the addition of a little meat broth, so as to brown it as best as possible.

To move the meat, use kitchen tools without piercing, so as to avoid dispersing the juices. At the end of browning, add some white wine and possibly implement the suggested secret. The trick is to start by browning on the stovetop and finish cooking in the oven. Use the browning pan to cook the vegetables that will be served alongside, the flavor will be increased and the dish will be truly wow!

Roast beef and rest of the cook

Another secret that few put into practice is the question of rest. In fact, after cooking, it is necessary to let the meat settle just enough so as to let the juices flow out and make the meat softer. The additional idea is to wrap the roast in food-grade aluminum foil and leave it on the hob for a few minutes. The resting time is dictated by the preparation of the roast sauce: while you blend the ingredients and garnish the dishes for a scenic effect, in short, you don't need a set timer, just a little time is enough to make the meat-juice balance more homogeneous.

Beef roast and cut

The cut of meat and the quality is essential to obtain a winning dish from the start. Marination, cooking and rest do the rest but the real magic note is the cut of the meat. Whatever the consistency: mixed or lean, the roast must be sliced ​​along the grain line. Thanks to this technique, in fact, perfect slices are obtained, especially from a "palate" point of view. The direction is important as it allows you to have a homogeneous bite which, thanks to the cut, offers no resistance and makes the meat soft.

The perpendicular direction of the fibers is therefore the last of the secrets to bringing to the table a perfect dish worthy of receiving endless applause. The sublime aroma, the unique flavour, the cooking sauce that fills the dish and an impressive side dish that completes the dish. Your mouth is watering, you need to proceed step by step, starting with the choice to buy top quality beef online!