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Carne Genuina tells the story / carne italiana

Come fidarsi della carne online?

How to trust meat online?

Here are 8 tips for buying meat online well and without worries.
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Come mangiare carne in modo sostenibile?

How to eat meat sustainably?

Sustainability and meat consumption: two terms that can clash... not if you know how to do it well.
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Grass Fed Italian meat: our Belgian Blue

Good, healthy and Genuine meat with a capital G is back: discovering the Belgian Blue in our online butcher's shop.
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100% Italian meat: good and virtuous

The production of Italian meat boasts the podium for water sustainability, here's another reason to bring it to the table.
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Amici Genuini

Genuine Meat and Braciami Again

The backstage of a special day. Michele di Braciami Still a guest in our Cascina.
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Traveling among Italian salamis

The aperitif represents the perfect moment to enjoy a platter of excellent cured meats. Here is a short journey to discover the undisputed king: salami.
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Frozen or vacuum-packed meat?

The diatribe dates back to the night of the temples. Let's clarify and prepare the next order!
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Storie Genuine

“Genuine Meat, in Cascina ”: the point of sale

In this sentence there is everything: our history , our work and the passion with which we strive every day to make a difference.
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Carne a domicilio

Online butcher: the butcher of the future

The online butcher's shop is the new mantra of the neighborhood shop. You can buy cuts of Italian beef, cook delicious dishes and special recipes without any limits.
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Comoda e pratica

The mini Bovi Box: Italian meat on the table

Carne Genuina's latest idea is the mini Bovì tasting box which offers a careful selection of cuts of meat in mini portions. Taste and choose.
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Bontà italiana

Our 3 best breeds

Italian organic meat allows you to bring healthy, genuine and antibiotic-free products to the table. The preference for "made in Italy" turns out to be a panacea for health.
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Curiosità su

Meat maturation and dry aging

Only the meat of the best cattle raised with lots of grass, hay and without antibiotics offers the possibility of opting for long maturation. Let's find out more about maturation.
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