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Frozen or vacuum-packed meat?

Frozen Italian meat: order and clarity

The first point to clarify is the shelf life of frozen meat, it is important to remember that it depends almost exclusively on the efficiency of the appliance used and, with equal importance, on the nature of the meat. For example, if you use Italian organic meat, you can assume a duration that will certainly be different from seasoned meat coming from a particular place. In short, quality represents a substantial focus also in terms of "maintenance".

Fresh Italian meat and freezing

Underlining the importance of purchasing products from reliable sources is the starting point from which to start bringing healthy and genuine products to the table. 100% Italian meat is in fact synonymous with a guarantee and thanks to the online butcher's shop, you can reach distant shops from which to purchase particular products.

When it comes to conservation, you need to respect some rules to have top freezing!

  • The freezing must be homogeneous and reach even the most internal fibres. To make this happen you need to put not too large cuts of Italian beef in the freezer.
  • The use of special bags is not an optional or a useless phase, since the slower the cooling, the greater the possibility of ice crystals being created which compromise the molecular structure of the fibre, thus compromising the quality of Italian meat.

Italian meat online: freezing and duration

Knowing the duration of the meat during the conservation phase is useful, so as to bring healthy products to the table with organoleptic qualities at their maximum potential.

In maximum terms the shelf life of Italian meat can be summarized as follows:

  • pork meat 4 months, with the exception of minced meat which can be stored for a maximum of 3 months.
  • beef 9 months
  • chicken meat 12 months

However, it is necessary to consult the instruction manual of the appliance to have a more precise and detailed overview. To get a general idea, it is good to remember that the fattier the meat, the shorter the shelf life.

Italian vacuum-packed meat: order and clarity

Vacuum packing is a rather recent method of meat preservation, it is starting to spread across different latitudes, but it still struggles to be considered an effective and equally valid method for preserving cuts of Italian beef and beyond. The absence of oxygen is the winning weapon of the technique which, by doing so, avoids the proliferation of bacteria within the tissues. The method should not be confused with maturing which is more similar to cured meat curing than to preservation methods.

Fresh Italian meat and vacuum packing

Banish the freezer, make way for the fridge. Without vacuum packing it is almost impossible to preserve a piece of meat but, thanks to the method, you can reach 10 days without compromising nutritional and organoleptic qualities! The vacuum method is also the perfect method for marinating meat which, thanks to the hermetic seal, is completely enveloped in the marinade juices and absorbs perfectly!

Italian meat online: vacuum-packed and disadvantages

Perhaps there is one, and only one: the need to have the appropriate tool/machinery to proceed with the operation. In fact, you need to equip yourself with the appropriate bags and specific machinery to obtain perfect vacuum-packed Italian meat. In recent times, both vacuum-packed containers and the cooking method have become very popular. If the former are useful, the second idea is excellent for those who want to eat tasty foods but must take calorie intake into consideration. The Japanese know it well that with wagyu meat they choose sous vide cooking, offering a top product recognized throughout the world without relying on special seasonings and top secret recipes!

100% Italian meat: conservation is everything

The refrigerator is the best friend of vacuum-packed meat which must be stored at a temperature that oscillates between 0° and 4°, in any case without exceeding 6 degrees. From time to time it is necessary to check the containers with the vacuum-packed meat and if you notice bubbles it is necessary to intervene promptly: the vacuum is compromised! The many qualities of the method are underlined by the online butcher who chooses to use the technique to deliver the cuts of Italian beef purchased to their destination.

Italian meat: frozen or vacuum-packed?

The answer is it depends. Both preservation methods allow you to create Italian cuisine dishes without compromising the quality. The objective is to bring healthy and genuine dishes to the table, products of the peasant tradition, and it is on this concept that online butchers were born. The desire for a particular cut of meat, combined with its origin from a specific place, allows the meat to have certain qualities that are difficult to replicate.

Japanese wagyu meat is an example of this, however the Bergamo online butcher shop also defends itself well, putting first the desire to respect peasant traditions and at the same time broaden its range of action and make local excellence known even beyond the border . Cold cuts appetizers could be an excellent starting point: salami as the protagonist combined with Bresaola DOP. In short, whatever country you go to, whatever typical dish you find, for conservation, well, you just need to respect the rules! In addition to the rules, you need to remember to read the label which tells a lot of useful information ranging from storage times to the farm where the cut of meat was prepared.