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The mini Bovi Box: Italian meat on the table

100% Italian meat. Change recipe every day

There are bad days. There are days when you want to bring something tasty to the table, but the minimum allowed purchase of meat online stops you. There are times when you get that crazy urge to cook a Fiorentina , or maybe a T-Bone , those moments when you want the best Italian beef, but you can't buy an exorbitant amount.

What to do? The new Mini Bovì Box was created with the aim of the online butcher's shop to offer fine cuts of Italian beef in mini packs, suitable for everyone. An easy and comfortable solution, perfect for those who want to dare but up to a certain point. From the classic to the most refined, the Carne Genuina new entry tasting box chooses to establish itself as a valid alternative to those whose lifestyle is that of indecision. Perfect for many occasions. Ideal for a last minute meal for a couple or a small family. Excellent as a gourmet gift.

Mini Bovì box: what it contains

The selection of cuts of Italian beef contained in the Bovì Mini Boxes are:

The solution allows you to create classic or alternative recipes. Choosing this solution is a perfect compromise between those who love to cook selected and expensive cuts of meat, and those who want to dare particular combinations with 100% Italian meat. The practicality of the Mini Bovì Box allows you to keep the whole family happy and at the same time be able to vary when the home menu includes meat.

Better if 100% Italian meat. Even better if the origin is certified and the breeding has as its founding pillar the rigid rules of tradition which begin with the well-being of the animal and end with the possibility of receiving the Box comfortably at home with a refrigerated shipping agent and special vacuum packaging.

Online butcher and vacuum-packed meat

The online butcher's shop is the ideal solution for purchasing 100% Italian meat without having to compromise the quality of each cut. The choice of the retailer is the discriminating factor that is equal to the local butcher's shop, with the difference that purchasing meat online allows you to get closer to little-known cuts of meat that are perfect for daring in the kitchen. Ribs , ribs and the multifaceted minced meat thus become delicious dishes which, combined with small secrets of the trade, offer spectacular and unique flavours.

After all, vacuum-packed meat preservation has nothing to envy of the pink paper packaging offered by the local butcher. It is simply a different solution that offers a higher level of preservation and adapts to many cuts of meat. Another aspect that places emphasis on the online butcher shop is the possibility of ranging between something typical, something seasonal or international cuts of meat.

Mini Bovì Box: advantages and tastings

The idea of ​​offering a Mini Box of Italian meat combined with free shipping (valid in certain periods of the year) allows those who struggle to find a preference among the many cuts of Italian beef offered by Carne genuina.it. The recipes in our blog tell of classic and more risky combinations, they tell the story of the use of spices and rubs and the possibility of preparing appetizers with typical and refined cured meats .

In short, just taking a look around is enough to make your mouth water, but time to try all the recipes is scarce. Thanks to the practical easy to go solution with no shipping costs, even daring becomes easier! By doing so you can decide your preference and start thinking about which recipe to propose for the next special dinner, but also any meal.

Italian meat. A dedicated section

In our online butcher's shop it is possible to choose exclusively Italian meat, although approaching Wagyu marbled meat could have its reasons. The meat raised by the Flli. Assanelli is a mix of nutritional values ​​perfect for those who want to bring healthy and genuine products to the table, the choice to raise livestock following traditional rules has allowed Carne Genuina to differentiate itself. The next step was to choose some Italian beef breeds with transversal qualities so as to adapt and offer different cuts as well as a particular selection.

Our master butchers cut cuts of meat following strict European rules, however you can also find American cuts of meat such as Tomahawk and T-Bone. The Meat Boxes are the perfect solution for having particular and classic cuts of beef and working in the kitchen with unique and personalized combinations. Choose Mini Bovì Box and when the menu says “meat” reply: “100% Italian meat and always different!”.