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Carne Genuina tells the story / carne di manzo

Torna la Bovi Summer box!

Torna la Bovi Summer box!

Torna la box di carne estiva, ecco cosa troverai e alcune ricette da preparare
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The new summer edition box

Discover the new box with limited edition Italian meat with genuine, quality cuts of meat!

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Bologna or Naples? Meat sauce divides the peninsula

How to make ragù is an easy-to-solve Hamletic doubt, defining the origin is more complex, let's try to delve deeper.
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Wagyu beef is not the most expensive in the world

Wagyu meat 0 home of the baguette 1: French meat has the upper hand this time around, let's find out what it is.
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Vaca vieja

Old cow meat

Vacca Vecchia meat is a delicious food full of potential, here's what you didn't yet know about beef.
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Black Angus

Angus beef: because everyone loves it

Angus is the best known and most appreciated cattle breed! Here are some curiosities and little tricks to help you choose better.
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2 hoaxes about meat: let's clarify

Red meat is bad for health and the environment, intensive farming destroys the ecosystem... here are 2 hoaxes about beef that we hear too often.
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Bistecca prelibata

The hot ticket : let's clarify

The best and most delicious beef steak. Why is it so valuable? Here is the info you need to enjoy it to the fullest!
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Conduzione famigliare

Our breeders : the big "genuine family"

Our philosophy of genuine meat "from the farmer to the table" extends to agricultural companies that, like us, want to offer healthy products without industrial processing.
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Salume italiano

10 curiosities about bresaola

Bresaola is the cured meat most loved by Italians, here are the curiosities and characteristics that distinguish this particular product.
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Come conservare

Vacuum-packed meat

Vacuum-packed meat: a method of preservation and transport that guarantees the maintenance of the organoleptic qualities of the product
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L'unione perfetta

Sex and meat

Recent Dutch research states it with absolute certainty: red meat is also good for sex
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