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Bontà italiana

Our 3 best breeds

Italian beef

Most Italian cattle breeds for breeding are used to produce meat and milk, some types, thanks to their physical conformation and growth method, are more suitable for one or the other solution. The preference to raise animals with an emphasis on well-being and natural nutrition allows the resulting products to have healthier and more genuine organoleptic properties.

The categories of Italian beef cuts are:

  • White meat veal. Without distinction of sex, slaughtered between 4 and 6 months of age.
  • Vitellone. Non-castrated male, weaned at the first leap, slaughtered between 12 and 20 months of age.
  • Beef. Male usually castrated, slaughtered over 20 months of age.
  • Cow. Female of any breed, slaughtered beyond the milk production period.
  • Bull. Adult male over 3 years of age.

The distinction is important since it is responsible for determining the energy intake of the Italian beef cut. The difference on the Italian market is between lean meat and mixed meat, which is why we often don't focus on the type of animal to be slaughtered, but on the single breed of cattle which allows the meat to have different characteristics and qualities.

100% Italian meat: Friesian

The Italian Friesian cattle breed originates from Holland and over time has spread throughout Europe and then landed overseas. Its growing development is given by the enormous potential that the animal possesses: it produces excellent milk and allows the meat that is purchased online to be perfect when the animal is raised according to traditional rules.

Characteristics of the Friesian cattle breed

The bovine breed is easily recognisable, has a black, red or white spotted coat and has a height at the withers that varies from 130 to 150 cm. Its weight can reach 110 kg and thanks to its structure it produces a good quantity of milk rich in fat and proteins. Breeding management is a highly discriminating factor for the Italian bovine breed, since it not only affects the well-being of the animal but also the quality of the meat and its consequent marbling . The detail that allows the Friesian cattle breed to increase its importance is given by the type of feeding and the milking periods which must be respected as per the protocol to guarantee the well-being of the animal and the quality of the product.

Italian meat: Belgian blue crossbreeds

Carne Genuina, in addition to the Italian Friesian breed, has chosen to increase its breeding with the Belgian Blue cattle breed and creating crosses capable of increasing the quality of the product. The choice of the Belgian Blue is particular because by doing so the production and strength of the animals is strengthened while maintaining the production capacity intact and full respect for breeding according to the rules of tradition. Choice that you too can make by purchasing our Blue Belgian Box tasting 100% Italian meat.

Characteristics Belgian blue cross

The animal is recognized by its well-developed muscles, finds its point of origin in Belgium and then, thanks to this characteristic, expands to the rest of European territory. Although it is a perfect cattle breed, both for milk production and for meat, it is preferred for the second solution as it offers soft, tasty and protein-rich cuts of meat. With its white and blue coat it reaches a large size, just think that the average weight of a calf at birth is around 42 kg. Robust and mild, the Belgian Blue cross bred in the beautiful country offers an Italian meat rich in quality and characteristics peculiar to breeding according to tradition.

Italian meat: Wagyu crossbreed beef

When the excellence of the raw material meets the extraordinary Italian breeding ability, this is the perfect synthesis to describe the Wagyu cross bred by Carne Genuina.

Characteristics of Wagyu crossbreeding

The animal offers the famous meat marbled to perfection thanks to the type of diet and careful genetic selection. The most delicate phase of the animal is the fattening period during which the breeder pays maximum attention to the animal's muscular development to make its meat perfect for high-end cuisine and at the same time avoid excessive stress on the animal. 'animal. The particular black coat allows the pure breed to be recognisable, as does the impressive size and developed musculature.

Perfect for meat production, the Wagyu cross is not considered for milk production as all attention is paid to growth and physical development. In the Kobe Box you can find the best cuts of meat from our Wagyu crossbreed cattle to enjoy perfectly marbled meat.

Italian meat. Our production

The choice to research the breeds with the best qualities and bring them together with our breeding method has allowed us to select the three types of cattle breeds and offer them in our online butcher's shop dedicated to 100% Italian meat . The preference for quality meat meets the desire to bring healthy and genuine products to the table and at the same time capable of excelling already in the quality of the raw product, in this way the exaltation of the flavor is given - partly only accentuated - by the side ingredients such as refined spices, sophisticated types of salt (such as Maldon salt ) and chosen extra virgin olive oil . Carne Genuina offers products capable of enhancing the flavor and at the same time respecting the strict rules of traditional breeding which places respect for the environment and animal welfare first. Discover our section dedicated to 100% Italian meat and find the cut of meat that best suits your next culinary experiment!