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Carne Genuina tells the story / carne sostenibile

Carne grass-fed: un'alternativa più sana e sostenibile

Grass-fed meat: a healthier and more sustainable alternative

An alternative that offers benefits for health and the environment, and an ethical choice that enhances animal welfare.

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Come mangiare carne in modo sostenibile?

How to eat meat sustainably?

Sustainability and meat consumption: two terms that can clash... not if you know how to do it well.
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6 myths about meat

Is meat bad for you? Misinformation hurts more! Here are the most popular myths about meat and their explanation.

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Zero impact and Genuine meat

How do you become a company that produces zero impact meat? With passion, dedication and many small steps!
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100% Italian meat: good and virtuous

The production of Italian meat boasts the podium for water sustainability, here's another reason to bring it to the table.
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Sustainable agriculture: everything starts from the soil

Sustainability: to get to the top you need to start from the bottom, here's how.
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Agrivoltaic : agriculture 2.0

Agrivoltaics and photovoltaics let's clarify the terms that will soon become everyday life. Or maybe not?
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G economy

Italian meat is the most sustainable in the world!

100% Italian meat still amazes, which is why we are on the sustainability podium.
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How much water does it take to produce 1kg of meat?

Water is an irreplaceable primary good necessary for the agri-food sector: here's how it is used.
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Green Economy

GreenItaly Report: Italian agricultural sector as an example

Italian meat and the Italian agricultural sector affirm and endorse their importance, here is the 2021 GreenItaly report.
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Stop CO2

Carbon neutrality : let's think about the future

Carbon neutrality and short supply chain: here's how to reduce the polluting impact of ruminants and offer sustainable meat consumption.
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