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Carne Genuina tells the story / razze bovine


Grass Fed Italian meat: our Belgian Blue

Good, healthy and Genuine meat with a capital G is back: discovering the Belgian Blue in our online butcher's shop.
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The Highland breed: majesty from Scotland

Let's discover together a new majestic and beautiful cattle breed that comes from ancient Caledonia.
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Razze eccellenza

Vacca Vecchia: excellence and tradition

Let's explore this breed, focusing on the famous Chuleton cut and the difference between the old cow from our farm and the old Galician cow breed.
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Razze EU

Cattle breeds and geography : the journey continues

Europe is a continent rich in different elements ranging from raw materials to livestock with multiple characteristics, here is the continuation of the curious journey
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Bovini EU

European cattle breeds: the geographical map

Bovine breeds take on different characteristics depending on the place in which they grow and develop, here are the examples from Europe
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Cattle breed: Aberdeen Angus

From green Scotland to the lush Pampas: the journey of the Angus and the most famous beef in the world.
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Valuable foreign beef cattle breeds: diffusion in Italy

Bovine breeds are made up of many particularities, here are the rarest that can be found in the beautiful country
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Herdbook of cattle breeds

Beef and more must comply with a series of regulations that also cross a historical archive
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Razze Bovine

The Italian red spotted breed: a triple-use breed

The border line that determines the color of meat, a journey between legends and curiosities
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Razze bovine

Discovering the Modicana cattle breed

The Modican breed arrives on the continent and tells its story: among respectable characteristics and gems.
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Razze bovine

Angus beef: news and curiosities for everyone!

Is Angus beef really the best in the world? Here are the reasons for the podium !

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Italian Friesian meat

Among the most common Italian cow breeds, the Italian Friesian stands out for its different cuts of meat capable of releasing authentic and sublime flavours.
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