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Amici Genuini

Genuine Meat and Braciami Again

A special day in the company of the guys from Braciami Ancora

“Hi Mattia, I'm coming to visit you, book me a room!”: this story begins like this, with the journalist Michele Ruschioni who travels from Rome to Treviglio to spend a day with us and talk about our startup Carne Genuina.

Who is Michele Ruschioni? Professional journalist with 20 years of experience and founder of Braciami Ancora , the first and largest Italian network on the world of meat. Since 2008, his online magazine and his famous YouTube videos have been a point of reference for the largest Italian community of grilled meat lovers: every month this network involves up to 11 million people!

His videos are powerful and are seen by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts: they talk about meat in all its forms. They talk about free-range farms, maturation of meat, fine and unique cuts and cooking over an open fire. The Braciami Ancora canal is the ideal place for lovers of good food, grills, barbecues and those who love the flavors of the past. His is a real barbecue tribe! Curiosity for one-of-a-kind realities and passion for his work lead Michele to select the latest news in the sector to tell about them to the Braciami Ancora network: this is how he ended up on the trail of Carne Genuina, an online butcher's shop and innovative startup from Treviglio.

The video reportage by Braciami Ancora from Cascina Genuina

Who is behind Carne Genuina? Michele's video explains it well: the company was born in Cascina. Here, the breeder Simone Assanelli (third generation of family breeders) and Grandfather Carlo, combine centuries-old peasant traditions with an intelligent and innovative use of technology. The cattle are raised as in the past: they are born in the stable, they feed on hay mowed seasonally from our multi-phyte stable meadow and they are worked with extreme respect for animal welfare. As in the past, the breeder distributes the products directly to the consumer: a very short supply chain that fosters a genuine relationship of trust.

Five years ago Mattia Assanelli founded Bovì Carne Genuina, one of the first online butchers that allowed you to purchase products directly from artisans and farmers. It was only 2016 and we were the first to sell meat online, distributing our cuts of meat throughout Italy with refrigerated courier.

Carne Genuina recently achieved another record: since September 2021 we have been the first Italian zero-impact meat! In fact, we offset all the CO2 that we put into the atmosphere with our activities (breeding, shipping and deliveries) thanks to the clean energy produced by our photovoltaic systems and our Baobab forest that we have adopted in Kenya. Carne Genuina is 100% Italian, 100% green with an eye on traditions, sustainability and the future.

“Meat that doesn't pollute! This will be the title of the video, Mattia”, says Michele once he arrives in Cascina. And, after cooking a 1300 gram Florentine steak on the grill, we set off on the tour of our short closed-cycle supply chain, on the same route that we also let guests who visit our company explore.

We start from the stable polyphytic meadow and its spontaneous essences that make the hay so fragrant and nutritious: the breeder Simone explains it very well in the video (and even better in person!). Crossing the barn you arrive at the stables, where our cattle are born and grow as they once did, cared for by Grandfather Carlo, founder and pillar of the entire Assanelli company. Beyond the farmyard we find the packaging laboratory where our supply chain ends: here the fresh cuts of Italian meat are vacuum-packed by Mirko and distributed throughout Italy by refrigerated courier, with Sara who takes care of the customer until the shopping arrives in the his hands. From the breeder directly to the table of Italian families, like in the past.

Meanwhile, the Fiorentina steak is almost ready and releases the unmistakable scent of meat cooked on the grill, rich in the aromas and essences that the hay has transmitted to the fibres. Michele takes it off the grill: it's juicy and perfect. We are all around the Assanelli great-grandparents' table: Michele from Braciami Ancora and the entire Carne Genuina team.

We cut the Fiorentina and enjoy it together, toasting to jobs well done. Thanks for visiting Michele, you will always be welcome!

We now let you enjoy watching the video "Meat that doesn't pollute!".