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Storie Genuine

“Genuine Meat, in Cascina ”: the point of sale

The online butcher's shop: from tradition to 2.0

There is something new that stands out on the white walls of the Carne Genuina headquarters! We recently put up a beautiful banner and now it is impossible not to notice our Cascina as you drive along Via Brignano: beyond the road, from our corn field, the words "Carne Genuina, in Cascina" peek out.

Let's tell you how it went: it wasn't an immediate decision. A simple, almost banal phrase is written on the sign. Yet it means a lot to us! We have been raising cattle in Cascina a Treviglio for at least 3 generations: great-grandfather Silvio, grandfather Carlo and his sons, Cristoforo and Simone. In 2014, Mattia, the youngest of us, started the start up "Bovì-Carne Genuina", to begin the direct sale of meat online , from the farmer to the final consumer, without intermediate steps.

We were the first to sell meat online and it was a success: we have been shipping 100% Italian meat from cattle born and raised here all over Italy for more than 5 years now, with extreme attention to their nutrition and animal welfare. We have also recently opened a sales point in Cascina and from here the need arose to design adequate signage.

First of all we had to come to terms with who we are: farmers or butchers? What is our identity? We were tempted to define our business in Treviglio as "Butchery in Cascina" or "Meat shop": a way to immediately talk about the direct sale of beef and to talk about the availability of all the best cuts of meat prepared by the butcher of trust. However, producing and selling meat has not yet made us authentic butchers, so we have discarded this option.

We also evaluated "Shop on the farm" and all the variants that recalled the rural aspect of our reality as agritourism or agri-meat, even if the most authentic description of all would be: Azienda Agricola di Treviglio. However, this would not at all indicate the willingness to purchase beef and other local products from small local family-run businesses, like ours, in Cascina. Numerous flights of fancy later, retracing our steps and those of great-grandfather Silvio, a phrase flashed in our minds: few words but which answer all our questions: who are we, what do we do, where are we?

"Genuine Meat, in the Farmhouse."

In these words there is everything: our history, our work and the passion with which we strive every day to make a difference. And the promise we make to our customers: here in Cascina a Treviglio you will always find genuine meat, directly from the farmer to the table!