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Carne a domicilio

Online butcher: the butcher of the future

Home butcher shop. Italian meat arrives by post

Neighborhood shops are decreasing, something needs to be done to keep these businesses active. We need to renew ourselves and follow the massive wave of the market: this is how the idea of ​​an online butcher's shop was born. The multitude of information traveling online allows us to come into contact with particular cuts of meat, ideal for tasty recipes with an exotic touch. Sometimes, the online butcher's shop differs from the local shop due to the careful selection of cattle and the cuts offered.

If on the one hand the physical store allows you to be sure of purchasing cuts of certified Italian beef, on the other the limited choice could compromise customer loyalty. This is why a turn towards online and attention to new proposals in terms of e-commerce could be the solution for the neighborhood shop and transform itself into a home butcher's shop 2.0.

Buying meat online: dare and credit yourself

Italian meat online is within reach thanks to the numerous e-commerce sites that offer the product. However, the choice becomes difficult when you need to rely on a portal that guarantees - in fact - the certified origin of the products purchased. Compliance with the packaging protocol, maintenance of certain parameters during processing and compliance with Italian and European regulations are elements that remain unchanged both in physical sales and in the preference of the online butcher.

The possibility of approaching particular products such as unusual cuts of meat on the homemade menu is one of the main factors that tips the scales towards purchasing with one click. Carne Genuina chooses to satisfy the needs of customers who range from the classic cut of Italian beef to the particular and little-known piece of meat perfect for the BBQ . In short, the online butcher's proposal is to satisfy market demand by providing wide-ranging solutions: the Bovì tasting boxes are an example of how it is possible to resolve the "do I try or don't I try" dilemma.

Butcher shop open today. From the shop to the bell

The perfect solution for those looking for a cut of Italian beef "as good as the one in the local shop", but who find themselves unable to find a physical place to buy, can choose the online butcher's shop. Thanks to this solution you can purchase 100% Italian meat online without having to leave home and be sure that the product is of quality. Knowing which butcher's shop is open today becomes a problem of the past as purchasing becomes easy, with one click, after choice and further investigation.

The world of online shopping offers many possibilities and moves hand in hand with the selection of carefully selected meat and the idea of ​​combining bold and delicious recipes. The neighborhood shop becomes, thanks to the home butcher, the perfect springboard for opening up to new customers and choosing to sponsor your business through the world of the internet.

How does it work? Choosing to attract new customers by offering “at the doorbell” solutions and creating a new totally digital shop window seems to be a perfect solution that brings the old-fashioned butcher and the new customer needs closer together.

100% Italian meat: online and why not

What is your favorite cut of meat? Have you ever tried to buy BBQ meat online ? Barbecue time is around the corner, you need to equip yourself with new ideas, old equipment and top-quality meat. Italian cattle breeds offer excellent solutions but there are fine cuts of meat that are better suited to barbecue cooking.

Carne Genuina chooses to create an ad hoc tasting box that offers the queen ingredient for a respectable barbecue. Together with the different cuts of meat, RUB can be added to the BBQ box so as to perfectly recreate the aroma and flavor of overseas barbecues. Becoming a master griller will be really simple, you need to equip yourself properly and choose first choice 100% Italian meat.

Online butcher: when the meat is above all good

The physical showcase must be beautiful, captivating and convincing. The online one? The image is important, the certainty that the product is good, healthy and genuine is equally essential. Online butchers must and can focus above all on the quality of the meat, which is why they are enjoying so much success.

The visual part is incorporated into the sensorial part, when the cut of meat arrives at the table and set in some particular recipe it manages to express its flavour, in its completeness. The selection of cuts of Italian beef is the starting point for offering your target audience a perfect, quality product. Carne Genuina, in addition to careful selection, chooses to approach the rules of rural tradition by producing, in its own breeding, specific bovine breeds intended for different uses. The box as a point of arrival, the conscious choice as a starting point!