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Come mangiare carne in modo sostenibile?

How to eat meat sustainably?

Can you really be more sustainable by eating meat?

In the current context of growing environmental awareness, the search for more sustainable ways to consume meat has become a priority.

This article explores practical approaches to making meat consumption greener and reflects on Carne Genuina's vision for promoting sustainable and conscious meat.

The vision of Genuine Meat

Our commitment to a sustainable culture and zero-impact meat is evident in the pioneering role we take on in promoting a conscious approach to meat consumption.

We don't just offer high-quality products, we embrace a vision that transcends the fundamental act of eating.

How to eat meat more sustainably:

  • Choose pasture-raised or grass-fed animals : favor meat products from ethical and sustainable farms.
  • Responsible meat : choose producers or companies that promote responsible meat production.
  • Reduce meat portions : balance your diet by reducing the quantity of meat consumed, choosing fewer products to consume during the week but of better quality.
  • Set a realistic goal to reduce your meat intake : Gradually try to reduce your meat consumption - in terms of quantity -, adapting to a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Distribute a portion of meat across multiple recipes : maximize the use of different cuts of meat and in several different preparations.

How to choose sustainable meat?

From offal to fillet, every part of the animal has the same value. Carne Genuina embraces this philosophy, reducing waste and enhancing cuts often considered "less noble".

This initiative not only fights waste but introduces consumers to new and delicious cuts, demonstrating that every part of the animal can contribute to an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

Why do they say eating meat is not sustainable?

The perception that meat consumption is not sustainable is based on intensive production and environmental impacts. Carne Genuina challenges this narrative by promoting responsible and ethical farming and breeding practices and a vision of meat as a luxury item coming from reliable sources.

What are the three pillars of sustainable nutrition?

A sustainable diet is based on:

  • on the quality of the products consumed;
  • on the ethics of their production (when of animal origin);
  • on reducing waste (valuing all the cuts of meat that each animal offers).

Carne Genuina embraces these pillars, promoting a reduction in the quantity of meat consumed in favor of high quality products from sustainable sources.

How to create a sustainable menu with meat?

Creating a sustainable menu involves selecting meat from reliable sources, reducing portions and making a variety of preparations.

Carne Genuina supports this vision with innovative and conscious proposals such as our Boxes: saving packs of mixed or thematic cuts of meat based on availability to guarantee the right quantity of fresh, selected and quality products.

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Our vision of sustainable meat

In an era where sustainability is at the center of discussions, Carne Genuina stands out as an ambitious project with the primary objective of transforming meat consumption into a sustainable experience. In addition to offering high-quality meat products, we embody a philosophy that places quality and awareness at the heart of consumer decisions.

Carne Genuina is committed to making meat a valuable element, coming from responsible sources.

Our mantra, "Less, But Better", reflects a significant shift in the way we approach meat, promoting quantitative reduction in an era when meat production is associated with environmental and ethical challenges. This approach highlights quality, ethics and sustainability, inviting renewed awareness in meat consumption and promoting a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.