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Grass Fed Italian meat: our Belgian Blue

Belgian Blue meat is back!

Italian meat allows you to bring healthy, genuine and antibiotic-free products to the table.

In our farm, in addition to breeding the Italian Friesian and Wagyu breeds, we have chosen to increase our breeding with the Belgian Blue Grass Fed cattle breed and creating crosses capable of increasing the quality of the product.

The choice of the Belgian Blue is particular because by doing so the production and strength of the animals is strengthened while maintaining the production capacity intact and full respect for breeding according to the rules of tradition.

Furthermore, the term Grass Fed identifies an animal fed on grass, and according to numerous studies, this type of diet allows us to obtain meat richer in nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids - very useful substances for human beings.

A choice that you too can make by purchasing our Blu Belga Box tasting 100% Italian meat.

Belgian Blue Meat online

For those who want to discover the goodness of Belgian Blue meat, it is possible to purchase our Belgian Blue Tasting Box of mixed cuts.

This box contains a selection of fine cuts of Belgian Blue meat, carefully selected to guarantee maximum quality and freshness.

The Box contains a variety of cuts, including fillet, sirloin, ribeye and roast beef, all of the highest quality.

Thanks to our Blue Belgian Box, you can enjoy the goodness of Blue Belgian meat directly at home.

Characteristics Belgian blue cross

The Belgian Blue cattle breed originates from Belgium, one of the most important breeds for beef production in Europe. It finds its point of origin in Belgium and then, thanks to these characteristics, expands to the rest of Europe.

Although it is a perfect bovine breed, both for milk production and for meat, it is preferred for the second solution as it offers soft, tasty and protein-rich cuts of meat thanks to its conformation.

The animal is recognized by its well-developed muscles, broad shoulders and small head. The color of this breed is blue-gray, with a dark back and belly and a light muzzle. It reaches a large size, just think that the average weight of a calf at birth is around 42 kg. Robust and mild, the Belgian Blue cross bred in the beautiful country offers an Italian meat rich in quality and characteristics peculiar to breeding according to tradition.

Lean meat and perfect for everyone

Lean meat is a great choice for those looking to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The lean meat of the Belgian Blue is characterized by a low content of saturated fat and cholesterol, but at the same time it is rich in high-quality proteins and important nutrients such as zinc, iron and vitamin B12.

Some cuts of beef that you can find in our online butcher's shop, such as Walnut Slices or Lean Topside, hamburgers, minced meat or cutlet, are perfect for inclusion in a low-fat diet. They can be cooked in various ways, such as grilled, steamed or pan-fried, to make a delicious and nutritious meal.

However, if you follow a prescribed diet, lean meat should always be consumed in moderation and accompanied by a variety of vegetables and whole grains to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.

Perfect meat for sportsmen

The meat of the Belgian Blue breed is highly appreciated for its high quality, and is particularly suitable for those looking for lean beef rich in omega 3.

The meat of this breed is able to satisfy the needs of athletes and those who follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Thanks to its low percentage of fat, Belgian Blue meat is very digestible and light. Furthermore, the meat of this breed lends itself very well to the preparation of tasty and refined dishes.

Perfect meat for light dishes

Being a very lean meat, as well as being perfect for athletes, it is ideal for those who pay attention to their figure.

Want to try some recipes?

On our site you will find a wide range of light and healthy recipes to help you maintain a balanced and tasty diet without giving up the taste of quality meat.

Here are some light recipes for healthy lunches and low-calorie dinners perfect to prepare with lean Belgian Blue meat.

For example, you could try:

Fillet salad : a light, tasty and low-fat dish that at the same time piques curiosity and intrigues the palate.

Beef strips with hummus : a quick and light Israeli recipe with beef with a super inviting oriental scent.

Beef tartare with tahina mayonnaise : fresh summer dish and more, thanks to this sauce with a toasted aroma the tartare will never be the same again!

Tasty pumpkin scallops : a dish that embodies the quintessential autumn flavour, namely pumpkin. Let's discover this super quick and colorful recipe.

3 Dietary recipes with meat : far from the classic grilled steak, choose to let your imagination inspire you to bring diet recipes to the table without giving up taste.

Discover our Belgian Blue: grass fed

The Belgian Blue is a cattle breed with high quality meat, appreciated for its tenderness and intense flavour. Thanks to its natural diet and the attention of the producers, this meat has become one of the most valuable on the market.

Furthermore, its consistency and juiciness make it ideal for many culinary preparations. If you are looking for a high-end gastronomic experience, don't hesitate to try the Belgian blue meat.