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Carne Genuina tells the story / formaggio DOP

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Genuine novelties : Italian cheeses and yoghurts

Here are the latest arrivals in Cascina! Tasty cheeses and velvety yoghurts. And a bonus recipe with Greek-style yogurt: tzatziki.

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Italy DOP

The journey among the best dairies with DOP buffalo mozzarella

From monks to today's dairies, a virtual tour to eat - with your eyes - PDO buffalo mozzarella.
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Storie Genuine

Latteria Sociale di Tabiano and Parmigiano Reggiano

From shape to shaft, here is the story of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese
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Cheese Box

Cheese and mustards : an unconditional love

Platter of cheeses and perfect combinations, tradition is told and teaches excellent combinations

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Val Brembana

Bergamo : the European capital of cheese

Many know the city for its particular layout, others for the historical relic, few know that Bergamo cheeses are worthy of note
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Dalle colline alle montagne

Bergamo cheeses: flavor and tradition

Typical product of the valleys which, following the traditional method, is produced and enjoyed with a good glass of wine or mustard.
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Aromatico e intenso

Traditional Bergamo cheese: the Cremasco save

Salva Cremasco DOP is a soft hard cheese, produced exclusively with raw whole cow's milk from the Bruna Alpina and Frisona Italiana cattle breeds.
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