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La carne rossa

Meat isn't bad

From the climate to human health, red meat has been a topic that divides and unites at the same time for centuries.

The line-up that enters the ring sees on one side supporters of the flavor and benefits of a "red" steak and on the other - no less fierce - those who argue that it is better to avoid it.

The red meat trial

The questions that induce - sorry! They led to the classification of red meat as a bête noire are linked to multiple factors that are linked to intensive farming , the excessive production of waste materials, gases in the atmosphere and abuse in consumption.

Today, we can shout from the rooftops - or even simply bring to the table - (if you want help in terms of imagination you can take a look at our recipes ), red meat is good for you if , as with many other things, it is eaten with balance , thrift and common sense .

The objective of nutritionists and scientists who have praised the qualities of red meat is based on a basic but at the same time extremely relevant principle: proteins are a fundamental element for human health .

To be honest, it is necessary to specify that proteins are present "also" in meat and not "only". This means that the individual's intake must be commensurate with a wide range of foods and not relegated to meat intake alone.

The scientific detail

Proteins, necessary for human needs, are also present in meat . Other foods that help achieve balance in terms of nutrition are whole grains and legumes.

This means that proteins are essential for health and for a correct caloric intake which translates into excellent daily energy for carrying out normal activities.

Those who were against it, however, based their belief on a piece of data - or rather, on the outcome of a cluster of data - which reveal the presence of an excess of sulphur-containing amino acids to which some tumors are linked.

The amino acid in question is methionine which promotes cell proliferation and, consequently, excessive consumption of meat leads to a high presence of this molecule.

Although the studies are truthful, reliable and certain, stating that red meat is not a contributory cause of the formation of a tumor makes sense, this is because controlled intake allows our body to fulfill all its functions and all this also includes presence of amino acids, such as methionine under accusation.

Another factor that has relegated red meat as a food to be banned from the table for some time is the presence of saturated fats which, especially in foods such as sausages, contribute to an increase in so-called bad cholesterol and the resulting problems with the cardiovascular system.

Once again, common sense comes into play which ensures the possibility of bringing all the foods to the table, but without exaggerating with courses and repetitions. What does it mean?

You can eat a bit of everything , put your imagination into play, learn to wander among the countless foods present in the kitchen and avoid banishing some of them because the risk is an incorrect caloric intake and an imbalance in your body.

Those in favor have underlined that, despite the possible presence of harmful elements - mainly the result of processing in intensive farming - there are other components that help the human body to maintain its stable functioning: iron .

Very often, in fact, when you suffer from anemia the doctor tends to communicate a grandmother's remedy "eat red meat", because it is richer in iron. To be honest, it is good to specify that red meat contains heme iron which could promote inflammation and increase the risk of pathologies such as cancer.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC - classifies red meat as a possible carcinogenic substance , increasing the level of risk when there are sausages on the dish in question, but nevertheless, following the rules of common sense and preferring farms that have respect for living animals without intensifying production, it is possible to nourish one's body with - also - this food which, let's be honest, is mouth watering.

Just think of a barbecue on a summer evening, or braised meat with polenta to warm up cold winter Sundays, or even a homemade aperitif with grilled bruschetta and a thin slice of ham.

The IARC underlines that the risk of getting cancer if one consumes red meat excessively is - and remains - relative , since it also depends on other factors that have an intrusive influence such as lifestyle and familiarity . Furthermore, he specifies that it is above all the processing and cooking method that have a considerable impact on the risk of bringing unhealthy food to the table.

How to behave? Here are two easy ideas!

The answer is simple! If it is true - as it is true - that any abuse is counterproductive , if you too are a lover of red meat, of grilled meat in summer, of stew in winter... In short, if you love bringing - or finding ready-made - a red meat based dish it is necessary to follow some simple precautions. Only in this way, in fact, will you be able to benefit from a delicious dish and savor the dish with satisfaction.

Red meat must be of certified origin

Exactly like that. In this way you are sure of how the animals are fed , if they come from a farm that has made ethics a cornerstone. Remember - and don't forget - that the meat you bring to the table is the result of slow processing and only has benefits if it is treated in a certain way.

Today you can choose and prefer farms " like those of the past " where, alongside health checks, the emphasis is on the well-being of the animal , in this way it is possible to obtain a type of meat that offers enormous potential in terms of flavour, taste and combinations - don't miss our recipes ! You will find lots of delicious and surprising ideas.

Red meat can be eaten several times a week

True, but not very true. In short, it seems that some studies state that red meat can be integrated into the diet of an adult individual to cover four meals a week.

Not entirely true since red meat refers to many categories of food, which is why in order to work for the cause you need to put in place good will and push away the idea that if there are four meals allowed it means choosing only and exclusively sausages. Four yes , but in moderation .

Do you want an example? Well, you could choose Bavaria meatballs for a lunch, stew for Sunday guests, sausage for a quick meal on any weekday, and Wagyu meat for an important dinner! There are 4 meals, all different from each other, for the sake of the scientists who certainly agree with this fantastic idea!