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Bistecca prelibata

The hot ticket : let's clarify

What is the bill?

Scottona is not a cut of beef nor a particular breed, however it hides countless qualities both in terms of taste and organoleptic aspects. First of all, we need to define the origin of the meat we are purchasing from the online butcher and confirm that it is a 100% Italian beef steak by taking a quick look at the label .

Having stated and signed that scottona is beef, we need to delve deeper to find all the characteristics and hidden potential of this delicious steak. The term refers to the age of the animal when it is slaughtered: by scottona we mean a female bovine under the age of two years, who has not had any pregnancies. In fact, from this detail it is clear that the quantity of hormones, pheromones and other components present in the scottona steak are different from other cuts of meat: this is where the unique flavor and softness of the meat comes from!

Scottona steak: curiosities

There are so many curiosities surrounding scottona meat, some risk confusing us, while others are truly particular and pique the reader's curiosity, only to then turn into fun anecdotes to tell at the next barbecue in front of the BBQ!

The Italian cattle breed

Too often the scottona is identified as a breed of cattle. Be careful, as it should not be identified either with a cut of meat or with a specific breed. From the scottona you can obtain many more or less particular cuts of meat and it can be obtained from as many more or less particular breeds of cattle.

The curious name

The term scottona derives from the age of the slaughtered animal. The elderly (or neutered) animal offers cold meat which in jargon is identified with cuts of dog of little value, otherwise the slaughter of young and non-pregnant animals allows the meat to be more valuable and rich in organoleptic qualities, in other words " hot”, which “burns”. This seems to be the origin of the term scottona.

Fine beef

“Scottish meat” exactly like a slogan capable of enticing. Moreover, the delicacy of the meat given by the particular characteristic at the slaughterhouse can be combined with a particular breed of cattle and generate an excellent cut of meat with exclusive potential. Wagyu or Angus - just to name two famous breeds -. Here the barbecue takes on interesting ideas and satisfies even the most refined palates.

Overcooked meat, preferably raw

The peak of the flavor of scottona meat is given by the scottona tartare. Using the meat raw allows us to keep the main qualities intact and offer a natural, genuine and complete taste in all respects. Tartare recipes range in added ingredients, but to start with you need to use excellent, first-choice meat: hot recipe? Tartare is the answer!

Scottona, delicious meat provided that.

Scottona meat is rich in hormones due to the age at which the animal was slaughtered. To enjoy the product at its best, it is necessary to verify the origin of the animal, because if on the one hand it is true - as it is true - that it is tasty and soft meat, on the other hand it is equally true that only if the animal is raised according to the rules of tradition can be truly special. Intensive farms have particular rules that include the use of estrogens and strengthening hormones, therefore choosing and preferring a farm and an online butcher's shop that follows traditional peasant rules allows you to obtain the guarantee of purchasing a healthy and delicious product.

However, it is good to remember that the indisputably good flavor is given by the presence of fat and therefore it is not exactly to be included among healthy beef steaks. The idea of ​​preferring scottona for a particular cut of meat to be cooked on a special occasion is the perfect solution, such as the scottona Tomahawk which amazes in its shape and satisfies in its flavour.

Overcooked meat: how to best use it.

Now that we have clarified where it comes from and what scottona is, we need to underline some small details that amplify - as if there were any need - the exciting flavor of this product. The recipes that best suit the scottona are: spit, griddle and grill. The recommendations are always the same: cook the meat at room temperature and avoid thermal shock.

Avoid piercing the meat to avoid unnecessary loss of the juices contained inside, as they contribute to the tenderness of the meat. The invitation is to prepare the barbecue in the best possible way following the rules for a respectable Italian barbecue and select tasty and tasty cuts of meat coming strictly from scottone raised according to peasant tradition. In short, the goal is to transform a simple grilled beef steak into an incredible experience in terms of flavor and taste!