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Conduzione famigliare

Our breeders : the big "genuine family"

The Genuine Meat family

Our company is the Società Agricola F.lli Assanelli based in Treviglio (BG) where we breed, slaughter and package all the Bovì Box products. Our beef comes from the company which covers an area of ​​approximately 40 hectares cultivated with two types of corn, soft wheat, alfalfa, ryegrass and polyphyte meadows. These crops guarantee us short supply chains for all our 120 cattle. Among which there are: 60 dairy cows, 20 replacement heifers, 20 fattening bulls and calves, all of the Friesian breed and born on the farm ( find out more about our cattle breeds ).

The high quality level of our meat is guaranteed by a perfect mix of respect for traditions, following the rhythms of nature and the experience of our master butchers. This is why we are able to offer cuts of meat, often particular ones, which, added to the recipes proposed, promise very tasty alternative solutions. Our strong point is family management which allows us to adopt traditions and pass them down to generations. Likewise, our core is the welfare of animals and particular attention to their diet which must be natural and genuine.

In our tasting boxes such as the Bovì Box 5 kg , the Bovì Box 10 kg , the BBQ Box , the Blu Belga Box and the Bollito Box we offer quality cuts of beef to bring the most famous and well-known Italian recipes to the table. In addition to the Italian tradition, in our shop we offer cuts of meat with a more international flavor and chicken meat such as free-range Golden Comet chicken , all coming from supply chains like ours.

The Facchinetti Eliseo Agricultural Company

Family-run company located in the countryside surrounding Treviglio. Eliseo raises his cattle in full respect of peasant traditions and respect for nature, personally taking care of all phases of production: from the cultivation of the land which guarantees supplies for his herd, to attention to nutrition and animal welfare up to arrive at the fattening and growth of cattle. Thanks to them we can guarantee a very short and sustainable supply chain with the absolute transparency and traceability of the highest quality product which, in just a few steps, arrives from the farmer directly to your table.

Facchinetti Eliseo, in line with our breeding vision, offers particular and refined cuts. Its products that you can find in our shop are: Picanha , Fiorentina Porterhouse , roast asado beef , rump , Beef Ribs (i.e. beef ribs), ribeye , tail and much more.

Agricola Ruggeri of Fornovo San Giovanni

We know that salami is one of the many traditions of the Bergamo table and agricultural world. Each farmer used to slaughter one pig a year to make artisanal salami , salami and sausages for the whole family.

The Ruggeri Ss agricultural company is located in Fornovo San Giovanni in the province of Bergamo. And it is from here that the pigs come from to produce the cured meats that you will find on our site, in this company Luigi raises around a hundred pigs in a closed cycle, this means that all the pigs are born and raised on the company following the ethics of animal welfare along the entire production chain. To feed his garments, Luigi uses only the highest quality raw materials from the company, which is why the salamis are so good! Discover the Luganega pork sausage , the cotechino and all the products of the Bergamo tradition of Luigi's Genuina meat.

Tenca agricultural company

This agricultural company, selected by us, was founded in 1957 by the brothers Antonio, Luigi and Enzo Tenca. Remaining entirely family-run, it is still managed today by children and grandchildren who carry on the tradition handed down by the Tenca brothers. The company produces cereals such as: corn, barley, wheat and legumes such as soy strictly "GMO free" which are the basis of the diet of their pigs to ensure an excellent product. A job that includes the whole family: at the beginning of the season the best seeds are selected, the land is worked to guarantee the right water/nutrient supply and natural fertilizer, 100% organic, is sprinkled to enrich the soil without the use of fertilizers chemists.

Maximum traceability and authenticity of its products are the strengths of the Tenca family, which grows, breeds from birth to slaughter and personally processes the meat of its pigs. Only in this way can we obtain the best cured meats, a guarantee of authenticity, with a unique taste, a persistent aroma, a natural colour, excellent fragrance and flavour. It is for this reason that Agricola Tenca has chosen to get involved by going against the grain, not conforming to the cured meats that everyone knows but rediscovering the true knowledge and flavors of the past.

Furthermore, Agricola Tenca does not use chemical preservatives to preserve its cured meats, guaranteeing a 100% genuine product. Delighted with Lardo , Parma ham , Fiocchetto di Prosciutto and Salami l'Unico zero preservatives for a dive into the Bergamo tradition.

Giò Porro and his BRESAOLAZERO®

Giò Porro, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and scholar of the science of cured meat processing, is a man who has dedicated his life to the world of Italian delicatessen, in the production, regulatory and scientific fields. He has always been accompanied by a constant propensity for perfection and was supported by the ancient family tradition, which began in 1893 with his great-grandfather Luigi Porro, businessman, breeder, master butcher, and connoisseur of good food.

GIO'PORRO® BRESAOLE were designed with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact and harmonizing with the delicate and protected landscape balance of the place, Valtellina, the birthplace of this product. Rosé bresaola , bresaola tartare , Angus bresaola , BRESAOLAZERO® WAGYU SKIN are some of the products you can find in our shop. They are refined sausages as they are the result of a careful selection of the breed of cattle from which the product is obtained and of in-depth care in the preparation phase. The total absence of nitrites, nitrates, gluten, lactose and sugars requires even more specific analysis and accuracy in the manufacturing process which involves the use of fresh meat, with a prevalence of Italian or selected breeds.

The long maturation added to the artisanal processing in 4.0 laboratories designed for maximum food safety completes its flavor and taste so much so that it achieved the medal of product of excellence in 2019 and 2020. We choose to offer Giò Porro's Bresaola because it respects the artisanal tradition and responds to the same vision of production where the attention towards the method "as it used to be done" is at the highest levels.

Claudio Capitelli and the award-winning ham

Claudio Capitelli has always been passionate about food and was born into a large family which, already in the period between the two wars, ran an important food trading business. In the 1960s he opened the first supermarkets in the province of Piacenza and in 1976 he realized his aspirations by founding the Prosciuttificio Capitelli in Borgonovo Val Tidone. The raw materials for the production of its cured meats come from the best Italian farms, and are selected by the meat manager directly on the slaughter lines, because only in the presence of very specific characteristics is it possible to produce a genuine and healthy product.

San Giovanni cooked ham enters Espresso's SALUMI D'ITALIA 2019 guide, the only cooked ham to obtain the maximum recognition of 5 SPILLI. What can I say, the best cooked in Italy? Cooked shoulder , cooked bacon and cooked flake are tasty and unique healthy products that Capitelli offers in our shop. All to savor!

Beyond meat

In addition to breeders for beef, pork and poultry, we rely on companies that follow our philosophy also in the production of cheese.

For cheeses we rely on Caseificio Taddei which is based in Fornovo San Giovanni, in the lower Bergamo plain. It was 1885 when great-grandfather Giandomenico decided to start this work which has become a family tradition for the production of quality cheeses with a unique and unmistakable flavour. Find out more about Taleggio DOP (blue writing or red writing), Bergamo cheese and quarter of the cheesemaker from Caseificio Taddei in the dedicated article .

Latteria Tabiano was established in 1954 and today has 35 members who raise a total livestock herd of 95 lactating animals. In 2000 the company decided to complete the supply chain and season its production among the beautiful hills of Viano. Cutting-edge technologies and respect for tradition lead to the creation in a short time of a maturing warehouse adjacent to the dairy with the potential to safeguard the secret maturation of as many as 12,000 wheels. It gives us Parmigiano Reggiano that is delicious and perfect for accompanying recipes but also enjoyed plain.

Quattro Portoni is a farm with Mediterranean breed buffalo breeding and a dairy that operates in the niche food market and produces high quality semi-mature and mature cheeses with only buffalo milk. Mozzarella made from buffalo milk , Blu di Bufala , Blu di Bufala Muscat and Moringhello di bufala are excellent and special products, for those who want to savor cheese with that extra touch.

In short, a large family that lives to give consumers genuine, quality cheeses and meat.