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L'unione perfetta

Sex and meat

The latest to announce it is Dutch research which states with absolute certainty: meat is good - also - for sex! In particular, red meat is the lifeblood for unleashing passion.

Research also states that the nutritional values ​​present in red meat contribute to the well-being of the entire organism. In short, saying that red meat is good for you has never been so funny!

Proper nutrition includes red meat

Dietitians, nutritionists, medical specialists and scientists all seem to agree in stating that a healthy diet is made up of a multitude of foods capable of providing the right nutritional value and offering, at the same time, a varied diet .

Nonetheless, over time a series of currents have arisen that demonize red meat, relegating it to a food harmful to health. In fact, established scholars have produced tangible evidence of how intensive farming, combined with an imbalance in nutrition, leads to the onset of major diseases. Once again, it is the right balance and awareness of how much - what and how - brings to the table, to hold the victory.

Our grandmothers also said that red meat can be good for you when, noticing a certain tiredness, anxiety or desire for solitude, they pampered us by bringing a rare steak to the table and, without art or part, invited us to eat the dish for " regain strength ”, or at least that's what mine did - and continues to do.

Sure, he adds chips and a sweet treat to the red meat, but that's another story.

The " studied " ones say so

The theory exposed by doctor Assunta Susanna Bramante underlines the indissoluble link created between red meat and one's sexual performance . While on the one hand the studies conducted demonstrate that replacing red meat with soy causes a lowering of testosterone , on the other hand it emphasizes the opposite as if to demonstrate that "it's all true until proven otherwise".

In fact, to answer and dispel any doubts, Dr. Bramante, in the final report of the study states:

“It is well known that Buddhist monks make extensive use of tofu because – according to them – it reduces sexual appetites, helping them to maintain their vow of chastity. Studies confirm this, as soy contains phytoestrogens, isoflavones, substances that imitate estrogen, the female sex hormones, and lower testosterone, also leading to erectile dysfunction and impotence.“

Word to numbers, pleasure to men

The research that intersects with the sexual field is the most numerous and sometimes borders on the insane.

Capable of making you laugh, they manage to demonstrate how important the balance of different aspects is to achieve enviable - or at least acceptable - psychological and physical well-being.

Great Britain is the nation that is increasingly devoted to numbers, to statistics, to the desire to interpret numbers, so as to demonstrate that: "if the numbers say so..."

The research conducted on the topic "meat and sex connection" shows that sexual activity , understood in terms of sessions , is more present if red meat is introduced into one's diet on a stable basis.

Furthermore, the homogeneity of the result gradually diminishes with increasing age, while maintaining the constant introduction of red meat into one's diet.

The most active group is between 25 and 34 years old, in which 61% declared that they consume red meat at least once a day and satisfy their sexual appetite at least once a week.

Meat and sex: the culprit is called zinc

The indissoluble union between red meat and sex that gives rise to the perfect bond is linked to the presence of zinc : a fundamental mineral that intervenes both in reproduction and in spermatogenesis - an element present in meat , eggs and oysters .

Replacing legumes with meat to re-establish the intake necessary for one's needs is not the correct solution since vegetables also contain other substances that hinder the absorption of zinc.

Avant-garde and connoisseurs of multiple topics, the Tibetan monks, by choosing the completely opposite practice, have allowed scientists to find the right interpretation and to offer those who practice sexual activity a valid reason to work and invent themselves in the kitchen, especially with red meat.

Awareness at the table

The human body is a perfect machine which, when fed correctly, manages to express the best of itself, giving us an enviable physical shape and excellent psychophysical balance.

Choosing to bring ingredients to the table in a conscious manner is the first step in maintaining good health . This is why, especially in this particular historical period, it is important to focus on the quality and origin of what we put on our plates.

This detail is important, not only to keep the sexual sphere active which, let's face it: it doesn't hurt, but - and above all - also to contribute to good health.

Bovì has chosen to commit itself in this direction, offering its customers meat from farms like those of the past which put the health and respect of the animal first.

Furthermore, Bovì offers its customers the possibility of purchasing a box in which there are multiple cuts of meat, so as to allow them to propose alternative, imaginative and fun recipes!