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The new summer edition box

Discover the new Summer Box: fresh Italian meat at your home!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new limited edition online Meat Tasting Box with fresh Italian meat. This exclusive offer will allow you to enjoy the quality and authenticity of Italian meat directly at your home.

The box contains a selection of fine cuts of beef, perfect for creating delicious recipes.

Discover the composition of the box and be inspired by our recipes that make the most of these cuts of meat. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the authentic taste of Italian meat!

Composition of the Summer Tasting Box

Our online fresh Italian meat tasting box has been curated with great care to offer you a variety of high quality cuts. Here's what you'll find inside the box:

  • 1 kg of minced meat : This versatile cut of minced meat will be perfect for preparing succulent burgers, tasty meatballs or ragù to season pasta.
  • 600 g of cuts : two generous cuts of beef of 300 g each, ready to be grilled or sautéed. These cuts of meat are characterized by their tenderness and intense flavour.
  • 1.2 kg of burgers : eight high quality burgers, perfect for a barbecue with friends or for a gourmet burger evening at home. Choose your favorite topping and prepare irresistible sandwiches.
  • 500 g of scallops : these thin slices of meat are ideal for preparing quick and tasty dishes. You can use them to create Milanese scallops or pan-fried with a delicious sauce.
  • 600g T-Bone Steak : You have the choice between two options: two ribs of 300g each or a T-bone steak of 600g. These cuts are perfect for grilled meat lovers. Create a crispy crust and enjoy a juicy, flavorful steak.
  • 600 g of beef strips : this thin cut of meat is ideal for preparing summer dishes such as beef strips with rocket and parmesan. The meat cooks quickly and becomes tender and tasty.

Recipes to enhance fresh Italian meat

Here are some delicious recipes you can prepare using the cuts in our Tasting Box.

  • Burgers with Cheese and Caramelized Onions : Make juicy burgers using ground beef. Serve on a toasted bun with string cheese and caramelized onions for an irresistible combination of flavors.
  • Tagliata with green pepper sauce : prepare the tagliatelle with the cooking you desire and serve with a delicious green pepper sauce. Accompany with baked potatoes or a fresh salad.
  • Scaloppine with lemon : coat the scallops in flour and cook them in a pan with butter and oil until golden. Blend with lemon juice and add fresh parsley. Serve the scallops with a side of fresh vegetables.
  • Florentine steak : Prepare your grill and cook the Florentine steak until it reaches the desired doneness. Season it with Maldon salt and ground black pepper. Serve it with classic side dishes like roasted potatoes and cherry tomatoes.
  • Beef strips, mushrooms and vegetables : sauté the beef strips in a pan with garlic and olive oil. Add fresh mushrooms and greens and allow to wilt slightly.
  • Are other ideas needed? Here are 5 quick and tasty recipes with minced meat !

Experiment with these recipes or be inspired by the section of our blog to create unique and tasty dishes with the cuts of meat from our Tasting Box. Remember to adapt the recipes to your personal tastes and use fresh, quality ingredients for the best results.

Online box with sustainable Italian meat: taste and quality

Our Tasting Box with fresh Italian meat is a unique opportunity to appreciate the quality and authenticity of Italian meat directly in your home. The carefully selected composition offers a variety of high-quality cuts that can be used to create a wide range of delicious dishes.

Whether you prefer a barbecue with cuts or a gourmet dinner with T-bone steak, these cuts will satisfy your desire for high-quality meat.

Take advantage of this limited offer, available only until the end of August, and discover the pleasure of enjoying fresh Italian meat in the comfort of your own kitchen. Enjoy your meal!