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Black Angus

Angus beef: because everyone loves it

Angus: the origins

The Angus breed has Anglo-Saxon origins, however different origins can be found ranging between - almost - all the continents: from Australia to New Zealand passing through America and obviously also in Europe. Well. If it is so widespread it is because it is truly the top of the top, perhaps.

Its origins are Scottish, more precisely it is the County of Aberdeen with its green meadows where animals graze freely to offer a refined product: Black Angus. In fact, it is this last version of the breed that is prized: the tender, sweet and soft meat lends itself to multiple processes, releasing a unique flavour. The peculiarity of the black version is characterized not only by the color of the coat, but also by the relatively small size of the animal with short and compact limbs. The physical conformation contributes to making the meat a valuable product with an unquestionable flavour.

Beef. Angus and Olympus

Its softness at the right point, tasty without excess, succulent when cooked to the right point, make Angus meat - even more so Black Angus - a delicious product worthy of holding one of the places of honor in the top five meats better. After all, it is enough to chat with a carnivore - more or less know-it-all - to understand that in addition to theory, the bovine breed stands out for its excellence in practice too! Among its qualities is being marbled to the right degree. This characteristic is a fundamental element for grilling and cooking because, through the preliminary marinating phases, it allows the meat to keep its softness and juiciness intact.

Angus cattle breed. Specific character

The Angus cattle breed has a certain physical conformation and responds to certain parameters. The breed is pulled, i.e. without horns, and the size reaches up to 850 kg, nevertheless it is equipped with short limbs: few muscles and a lot of meat. The black coat defines the Black Angus, while the Argentine Angus has a red coat. In any case, the two sub-breeds differ slightly: marbling is the main discriminant. The animal is quite robust and resistant, and thanks to these characteristics it represents the perfect specimen for breeding, even more so if you choose to conduct an activity aimed at tradition and full respect for the times of nature.

Angus breed cattle. From farm to table

The cuts of meat obtained from Angus lend themselves to many preparations that can bring together adults and children, men and women. In short, it seems that Angus meat is enjoying success at every latitude and this popularity is given both by the characteristics of the meat and by the different preparations that are chosen from time to time.

Black Angus and breeding

There are some cattle breeds that lend themselves perfectly to Grass Fed breeding. For others, however, this type of feeding compromises the structure and maintenance of the native being. One of the privileges of Grass Fed breeding is the preference to leave the animals free to graze in the meadows, thus following the rhythm of nature without forcing or using synthetic feed. This type of breeding allows predisposed animals to develop intramuscular fat which, in other words, results in perfect marbling. Argentine Angus, on the other hand, is raised in fields where corn is grown, and allows the meat to take on a unique and rather strong flavor.

Angus meat and shop

The ability to be suitable for all palates allows the Argentine Angus, as well as the European one, to be a highly sought after breed, especially in some common cuts of meat. The beef steak is compact and soft and maintains the right consistency and juiciness even during cooking, whether grilled or pan-fried. Thanks to this multifaceted nature, the Angus has over time become a breed also bred in Italy where, especially in the Tuscany area, it finds its ideal habitat and offers particular and valuable sections of meat very similar to the Florentine.

The choice to also breed the breed in Italy has made it possible to create a further subcategory which represents, thanks to the master butchers, another excellence. The cuts of meat coming from Italian Angus have over time exceeded the prices of the foreign breed, this is because the Italian breeder chooses to increase the potential of the animal by working towards respecting the traditions of the Bel Paese.

Black Angus and restaurant

The perfect location to taste Argentine or European Angus meat is the grill. After all, it is through a respectable barbecue that the meat assumes and presents the best version of itself. When it comes to cuts of meat, Angus offers the best of the best when it comes to the table: loin or king, or more common and grill-friendly cuts such as ribeye and T-Bone . Although it is a meat that already offers excellent potential, it is necessary to carefully choose the production farm since it is in this phase that the perfect marbling is created and transforms the meat from good to excellent.

Breeding according to traditional rules is always a perfect choice and CarneGenuina.it chooses to focus exactly on this value to offer its customers healthy and genuine products as good as those in the restaurant. The addition of the cooking method is a valid ally for bringing an exceptional dish to the table, however, there must be an excellent product to start with, otherwise the efforts could be in vain. Choose well to eat better.