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Razze eccellenza

Vacca Vecchia: excellence and tradition

Spanish tradition, Italian reality

Spanish gastronomy is renowned throughout the world for its variety and quality, and one of the most interesting aspects is represented by the fine cuts of meat.

Among the different breeds of Spanish cattle, the Old Galician Cow stands out for its high quality meat and unique flavor.

Old cow and Old Galician cow breed: the difference

The Old Galician Cow is a native cattle breed from the Galicia region, in north-west Spain. These cattle are raised in a traditional way, following ancient agricultural practices, eating local herbs and essences and grazing freely in idyllic landscapes.

Often, the term "old cow" is used to refer to meat from cattle over 10 years of age, while the Galician Old Cow breed refers specifically to cattle of this indigenous Spanish breed.

It is important to underline that the Vacca Vecchia Galiziana breed is characterized by specific genetics that contribute to the superior quality of its meat.

The typical cuts of the Old Galician Cow

The meat of the Old Galician cow is notoriously tender and tasty, thanks to the prolonged maturation that occurs naturally during the aging of the animal. This maturation gives the meat greater tenderness, depth of flavor and a juicy texture.

Thanks to this sustainable management and the favorable climate, the meat of the Old Galician Cow acquires extraordinary tenderness and a rich, intense flavour. The most popular cuts of this breed include the Chuleton, the Spanish rib-eye , the Entrecote and the Presa.

The Chuleton, the Spanish rib-eye

One of the most celebrated cuts of the Old Galician Cow is the Chuleton. This cut consists of a thick rib of prime meat, usually around 1.5-2.5kg, with the bone still attached.

Chuleton expresses its best when cooked on the grill or on the grill, maintaining a crunchy outer crust and a juicy, tender centre. Chuleton meat is marbled with streaks of intramuscular fat that give it an intense flavor and soft texture.

It's a real treat for meat lovers, and is often considered an ideal main dish to share with friends or family.

The Chuleton in our online butcher shop

We were inspired by this cut of meat to further enhance one of our limited edition products: old cow meat raised on our family farm.

Our "old cow" line was born from the desire to experiment and enhance the meat of our adult dairy Friesians.

The marbled meat from old cows has unique taste characteristics: during slow breeding, the scents of the pasture herbs had plenty of time to settle into the fatty fibres.

In the past we have offered long-aged old cow loin in our classic portions: 300 g ribeye Bovì and 600 g Fiorentina Bovì. The experiment was a success, but we studied to make the product even more special: we present the old cow Chuleton .

What are the 3 main characteristics of the Spanish Chuleton?

Chuleton is a Spanish cut of meat that enhances the potential of our old cow loin, a meat that already has unique characteristics: marbled, buttery, tasty. Italianized, the Chuleton would be a rib at least 5 cm high, marbled.

The Chuleton is a special steak, because it is the cross cut of some of the best parts of the beef made up of the following muscles: longissimus dorsi, spinalis dorsi, multifidus dorsi and longissimus costarum.

The Chuleton differs from our Costata Bovì for 3 reasons

  • It is obtained from the loin of Vacca Vecchia, a dairy cow raised at a slow pace for years. Years in which its fat stores the scents of hay and wild grasses from the pasture.
  • Maturing for more than 28 days: longer maturation than usual, to soften the fibers of the meat and enhance the flavors contained in the marbling.
  • She is taller: she weighs 500 g and is about 2 fingers tall. We chose this weight to obtain a firm and juicy bite, with a taste that explodes in the mouth.
  • It has a more elongated shape: the Chuleton is not strictly a rib-eye. It is a Florentine without the fillet part, removed because it is too delicate to withstand long maturation.

Chuleton Online Limited Edition

Discover the high rib of Vacca Vecchia raised on pasture, with a maturation period of 31 days.

The skilful dry aged maturation brings the loin to the perfect point of maturation to soften the meat and the Chuleton cut enhances its virtues: we thus offer a deep bone-in steak protected by the right covering of tasty fat. During cooking, the marbling melts, releasing the fragrant aromas of the pasture herbs into the juices; when tasted, the taste literally explodes.

Our "old cow" line was born from the desire to experiment and enhance the meat of our adult dairy Friesians. The marbled meat from old cows has unique taste characteristics: during slow breeding, the scents of the pasture herbs had plenty of time to settle into the fatty fibres.

From Spain to Italy with fury (and taste)

The typical cuts of the Old Galician Cow are true jewels of Spanish cuisine. The combination of a unique native breed, natural nutrition and prolonged maturation gives these cuts unrivaled quality and flavour.

T he Chuleton, the thick and succulent rib , is a cut of meat that embodies the authenticity and culinary tradition of Galicia.

When cooked with care, the result is an explosion of flavors that satisfies even the most demanding palates. Each bite is a feast for the senses, with the soft, juicy meat melting in your mouth, accompanied by a light smoky note from the grill.

The Vacca Vecchia Galiziana breed has been preserved and enhanced thanks to the efforts of local producers who believe in the quality of the meat obtained from these animals. It is a symbol of culinary excellence and respect for the Spanish gastronomic tradition. Its matured, tender and succulent meat represents a culinary treasure that cannot be easily replicated.

The typical cuts of the Old Galician Cow, with their unmistakable flavor and extraordinary softness, are a delicacy for meat lovers. Thanks to Vacca Vecchia, the meat of these animals offers an unforgettable culinary experience that continues to delight palates around the world.