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Italian Friesian meat

Characteristics of the Italian Friesian

The Italian Friesian is, in fact, one of the best-known and most suitable Italian cattle breeds for milk production. The origin of the breed is Dutch, however there are other strains of American origin and more precisely Canadian ones. The introduction into the Italian panorama finds ample space between the Po Valley and the Veneto and is enhanced with the production of milk.

The lively and at times nervous character amplifies and improves its use in the short supply chain which chooses to be the preferred one thanks to the possibility for the animal to graze freely in the delimited areas. Italian beef, moreover, finds in the various areas of the beautiful country a perfect and ideal habitat dedicated to the production of milk, a necessary food in our cuisine.

The origins of the Friesian cattle breed

The origins of the Friesian are European, more precisely from Friesland, located between the Netherlands and Germany, its complete and total adaptability thanks to its strength and physical prowess, identify it as one of the most widespread cattle breeds in the world. Italy also boasts a good quantity of animals which, especially in short supply chain farms, represent the emblem of the perfect animal: adaptable, ductile and versatile.

Carne online Genuina also has Friesian in its range of beef cattle breeds which, thanks to traditional breeding methods, manages to guarantee particular cuts, rich in flavor and taste. It seems that the Italian Friesian derives from a perfect mix between the Dutch breed and the Polish variant. While the first is dedicated exclusively to milk production, the second is more focused on meat with the excellence of veal: soft meat rich in nutritional values.

ANAFI says so

ANAFI is an association based in Cremona that brings together Italian Friesian breeders: National Association of the Italian Friesian breed. Thanks to the historical archives recovered and curated over time, it is possible to verify how the Friesian breed and many others arrived on the Italian scene.

Their task unfolds through different tasks which include:

  • verification of the breed selection process
  • promotion of product authenticity
  • valorisation and diffusion in the territory

By consulting historical archives and family trees we discover that the Italian Friesian comes from America. The first head is the Carnation Producer bull, purchased from a Roman stud. From that moment on, a rapid evolution took place thanks to the physical characteristics of the garment which owes its popularity to its strength and performance.

Beef cattle breeds and more

The Italian Friesian cattle breed is suitable for use both for the production of milk and meat. The dual use arises thanks to studied and balanced crossbreeding, aimed at fully respecting the animal and its own well-being. Although the characteristics of the animal fall into the category of strength, breeding intended to obtain meat and milk must be as attentive as possible to the needs of the animal.

Here several factors come into play including the Italian meat antibiotics combo, the short supply chain and the elimination of the principles that revolve around intensive farming. In short, to perform at its best, the Italian Friesian finds total harmony with a traditional growth method, based and focused on the animal's well-being.

The other strains, in addition to the Italian Friesian

If for ANAFI the objective is to obtain an animal capable of adapting to both dairy and productive use, the needs of other states in which the animal is raised are different. The original Dutch strain chooses to increase the milk factor, the subsequent versions instead focus on the longevity of the animal and the different adaptability, which is why the Austrian, French, Finnish, English, Dutch and Swedish variants were born, just to name a few.

The common trait of all strains is the preference for growth on grass and fodder plants which make the milk and meat rich in nutrients thanks to the constant rumination given by the cow's particular digestion method.

Italian Friesian and marbling

Carne online Genuina chooses to use the breed and promote it in its online butcher's shop by focusing attention on one characteristic. Not that the others are any less, but this is something special and unique, capable of making cuts of Italian beef a real delight.

If balance is the underlying theme, marbling is the point of arrival which, thanks to the breeding method, offers the meat a good percentage of fat, muscle and meat, perfectly blended together.

The meat appears tender on the palate exactly due to the characteristic just described, as well as being succulent and rich in juices if cooked to perfection.

To choose the recipe you need to refer to the cut of meat and your imagination, but that's a whole different story.