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Dalle colline alle montagne

Bergamo cheeses: flavor and tradition

Bergamo Formaggella: characteristics

Good, or rather, very good. Just say formaggella bergamasca , and memories of the moment when we discovered this fantastic product for the first time immediately come back to mind. The pasta is semi-cooked. Production takes place with strictly local cow's milk. Salt and rennet complete the ingredients necessary for production.

Despite being poor in raw materials, Bergamo formaggella enjoys rather widespread success thanks to its naturalness and the desire on the part of the dairies in the area to continue producing this cheese following the rules of tradition. As far as processing is concerned, it takes place by inoculating the milk with the indigenous milk starter produced internally, while semi-cooking is obtained by adding whey heated to over 80°C during the cutting of the curd.

Bergamo cheeses. Did you know that?

Each DOP product has its own curiosities and peculiarities. Here is some curious info on Bergamo cheeses:

  • Bergamo cheeses belong to the stracchino category which also includes the most famous - and equally tasty - Gorgonzola.
  • Bergamo cheeses offer a full, full-bodied and long-lasting flavour. Elements appreciated by connoisseurs of the sector.
  • The curds are made at different times, the softest part is usually obtained from the morning curd which offers better binding of the dough.
  • There are 9 DOP cheeses from the Bergamo area. A national record which places the local population at the top in the production capacity of these products.
  • Bergamo formaggella is recognizable not only for its flavour, but also for its straw-yellow color framed by a white rind.

How do I accompany you with the Bergamo formaggella

“Don't let the cheesemonger know how good the cheese with pears is” .

There was a saying that went more or less like this. Then, thinking about it, why shouldn't he know? Perhaps because he is the perfect professional to tell what surprising combinations can revolve around Bergamo formaggella.

If the flavor is compact and prolonged. If the consistency is solid and full-bodied. If the aftertaste is perfect when combined with a white beer . It is also true that Bergamo formaggella finds ample space, in terms of pairings, even with other foods. Among the best known are:

  • the fruit to enhance the characteristics
  • honey to increase the sweetness
  • beer to accompany a homemade aperitif
  • meat to break up a meal
  • vegetables to stay light

In short, it seems that there is always a valid excuse to enjoy - and taste - a piece of Bergamo cheese.

Traditional cheeses in convenient boxes

Bovì chooses to offer a vast choice of typical cheeses that respond to the Bergamo tradition and are produced in full compliance with the rules. Bovì's idea is to offer a perfect mix to suit everyone's tastes, which is why in the shop you can purchase boxes that contain a variety of cheeses designed to meet different needs.

The Cheese Box Deluxe , for example, contains:

If some names sound familiar, others may arouse curiosity. This is why the box proposal turns out to be an excellent compromise for tasting and enriching the table with DOP products, healthy, genuine and of certain origin.

A man from Bergamo told me.

A beer, bread, salami and a slice of cheese.

The classic Bergamo is a simple subject, linked to its traditions, unrivaled when it comes to simplicity, perfect when you need to get together in company and party. Perhaps he prefers a good glass of wine to a beer, but nevertheless he doesn't disdain a beer - perhaps artisanal and always from the area.

The choice of those from Bergamo is - and remains - that of preferring simple products, which contain defined and healthy flavours. Following this trend, Bovì offers the sausage, the meat, the drinks and concludes with a gem represented by the RUB and the spices.

Sometimes, in fact, the people of Bergamo choose to rely on a typical dish such as polenta which must necessarily be accompanied with a nice slice of cheese enclosed inside which, when melted, releases an unforgettable flavor that creates an indescribable mouth watering. Other times, however, he prefers to dust off the grill and become like an ordinary American who shows off his culinary skills while wearing the clothes of a perfect griller. And so salami ,ribs , ribs and Florentine steaks become the main elements.

In short, choose Bovì if you want to replicate the flavors of the Bergamo area and enjoy products full of flavor with the certainty of bringing genuine food to the table!