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Genuine novelties : Italian cheeses and yoghurts

Artisanal Italian cheeses: a vast selection suitable for every occasion

Here are the products of the Ciocca farm that you find in the Italian cheese category are new arrivals in the online shop of our company's products. This is a selection of typical Italian cheeses, all of high quality and produced according to local traditions.

Our company is committed to guaranteeing the highest quality of its products, offering its customers only genuine, high-quality cheeses.

The products of the Italian cheese category are ideal to be enjoyed on all occasions, both as an appetizer or first course, and as a second course


Recipes with meat and cheese: the taste of two quality Italian ingredients

Recipes with meat and cheese are a perfect mix of taste and goodness and can be an excellent way to prepare healthy and balanced meals. They are nutritious, delicious and can be paired with different types of side dishes. From quick dishes to elaborate delicacies, the recipes with meat and cheese offer a wide variety of options to satisfy the tastes of all diners.

Italian cheeses, in particular, are ideal for pairing with meat, creating tasty and flavourful dishes. Furthermore, the combination of meat and cheese provides a complex flavor that will make the dish even more delicious and perfect to be enjoyed on any occasion. In our blog in the recipes section you can find numerous recipes with cheese and meat, all easy and quick to prepare.

But now let's present the latest arrivals in the farmhouse and a bonus recipe!

Formaggella Vignola - Ciocca farm

The Vignola formaggella is a new cheese in the online shop of products from our short supply chain. It is a soft cheese with medium maturation, soft and with a delicate flavour. It is obtained from whole cow's milk, depending on the production area, and is processed raw with the addition of rennet and no preservatives to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.

Formaggella is an ideal cheese to be enjoyed alone or as an ingredient in recipes with a delicate flavour: creaming for risottos, cheese creams, dressing polenta or in pizzoccheri.

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Cerreto cheese

Cerreto artisanal cheese is produced by the Ciocca farm and is a semi-mature cheese to which no preservatives or additives are added to fully enjoy all the aroma of the milk. Firm but tender texture. Stringy when heated.

Its taste is sweet but tasty, and is perfect to be enjoyed only sliced ​​in combination with dried fruit or mustards, diced in salads or cold recipes or sliced ​​on toast or to make meat for pizza makers.

The new artisanal yogurts: plain yogurt and blackberry yogurt

Both yogurts are made with cow's milk and produced without the addition of preservatives, just milk, cultures and blackberry compote (in this particular case). Blackberry yogurt is characterized by a more pronounced flavor without exaggerating, while plain yogurt is more delicate and sweet.

The new yoghurts are produced by the Ciocca company and are perfect for enriching tasty homemade cakes or for being enjoyed alone with the addition of seasonal fruit or dried fruit such as: blackberry yoghurt with honey and walnuts, blackberry yoghurt with strawberries and honey, plain yogurt with strawberries and honey or plain yogurt with chopped hazelnuts.

Plain yogurt has no sugar and is therefore ideal for preparing savory recipes such as: yogurt and vegetable soup, mint yogurt with shrimp or yogurt-based sauces.

Greek type yogurt - strained yogurt

Greek yogurt is a new product in the online butcher shop. It is a yogurt with an intense and strong flavour, with a creamy and velvety consistency. It is obtained from cow's milk, without the addition of preservatives and is pasteurized at very low temperatures to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.

For which recipes can we use Greek yogurt? It is an ideal yogurt to be enjoyed on its own or as an ingredient in recipes with a strong flavour. It can be used in numerous recipes, both sweet and savory, among the most famous sweet recipes that include it as the main ingredient are the famous tiramisu and yogurt tart. Among the tastiest savory recipes that include it are the yogurt kebab sauce or the famous sauce based on Greek yogurt and cucumbers: the much loved tzatziki.

Greek tzatziki sauce recipe

Tzatziki sauce is a typical Greek sauce made with yogurt, cucumber and garlic. It is an ideal sauce to accompany meat or fish dishes, but it can also be enjoyed alone together with raw vegetables. Its preparation is very simple and requires few ingredients. It's a perfect sauce to serve during summer parties, but can be enjoyed all year round. The recipe for Bulgarian sauce is similar in preparation, but which includes the addition of walnuts and fresh dill.

Ingredients: 500 g of Greek yogurt, 1 Dutch cucumber, 1 clove of garlic, half a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Preparation: Cut the cucumber into cubes and place it in a bowl. Crush the garlic and add it to the cucumber. Add the Greek yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients well and leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Serve the tzatziki sauce with your favorite dishes.