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Val Brembana

Bergamo : the European capital of cheese

Bergamo cheeses: the principles of the Orobie

Each valley has its own cheeses. This seems to be the common thread that links Bergamo and its province to the desire to put a respectable Italian cheese on the table.

Stracchino, Bitto, Formai de Mut are 3 of the 7 principles of the Orobie .

Each one marked by its own destiny and the result of unique characteristics, it becomes the main ingredient of various recipes and the absolute protagonist of a platter with cheeses and sausages inside.

The detail aims to also add to the Bergamo cheeses the wines that are produced by native and local wineries, however the pairings can also take place with other neighboring products, the magic is lost a bit, but the taste fully compensates for the whole process.

Strachitunt PDO

The DOP marking is synonymous with guarantee, strengthened by the approval received from Gianfranco Vissani - famous chef - who defined Strachitunt DOP as the best cheese in the world.

The production valley is Val Taleggio, an ideal area for the production of the product from which different versions are born going down towards the Milanese province.

In the lower Bergamo area there is a version enriched with aromatic herbs and perfumes: blue-veined Blutunt, moving towards Milan you come across Gorgonzola, similar and creamy, it garners acclaim and acclaim.

Agrì della Valtorta

Particular and round in shape, the cheese is produced in a dairy in the Valley. It sees the light after 3 days of intense processing, during which the milk from Val Stabina is collected, followed by a maturation process that lasts months. A local saying is "cheeses age, but they never die".

Branzi cheese

The penultimate town in the Brembana Valley is famous for the cheese that is put in polenta. 1953 was the year of the consecration of Branzi cheese when Midali Giacomo chose to preserve the product by founding the Latteria Sociale Casearia di Branzi.

The small producers in the area joined and chose to create a single production and expand trade.

A unique texture, sweet and delicate at the same time.

Branzi cheese is perfect for being an integral part of polenta taragna, another unfortunately inviting dish from the Bergamo province.

Formai de Mut

Going up the Brembana Valley, going beyond Branzi you come across 2 other villages: Carona on one side and Foppolo on the other. These are the routes that the mountain pastures choose to take to climb and reach the top of the hills, and this particular cheese is produced here, the result of altitudes ranging between 1300 and 1500 metres.

The name, in the local dialect, means mountain cheese and is characterized by maturation which exceeds 45 days and underlines the scent of Alpine fodder. Formai de mut enjoys the DOP denomination thanks to the locals' desire to keep traditions and processing methods intact.

Orobic goat's cheese

Talking about Bergamo cheeses and mentioning goat's cheese is essential and predominant. In the Bergamo area there is also a place called Caprino Bergamasco and it seems that the name is closely linked to the product.

In ancient times, every family owned a goat from which they obtained milk and produced cheese. Carne Genuina offers Formaggella Bergamasca made with cow's milk paste and with a particular process that gives it a unique flavor and a characteristic aroma.

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The Historic Rebel cheese

There is a Historic Rebel Slow Food Presidium which aims to underline the historical importance of the product and the detailed production method. The cheese is produced between 1400 and 2000 meters above sea level, hot and with the addition of Orobic goat's milk between 5 and 20%.

The growth of the animals is strictly controlled and the use of unselected feed and ferments is strictly prohibited. To get to know the product in depth, you need to take a trip out of town and taste it on site: Gerola Sondrio, only in this way can you get to know the product better and outline all its fantastic taste and olfactory characteristics.


The cheese is produced after transhumance when the “stracche vacche” - tired in dialect.

An evolved version of taleggio, Stracchino is produced in much of the Bergamo province and finds many variations and particular combinations.

Carne Genuina also chooses to offer particular cheeses, thanks to the variety present in the area: the Cheese box was born with this task and manages to fulfill it in the best possible way.

Beyond number 7

There are other companies that choose to climb the rankings and reach respectable positions, Bitto PDO is one of the examples that deserve a mention in this curious ranking. Made on the border between Val Brembana and Valtellina, Bitto is a cooked and semi-hard cheese perfect to accompany sweet and tasty sausages such as farmhouse salami.

As you cross over you will find other noteworthy delicacies such as Salva Cremasco DOP and Mostarda Cremonese - perfect for boiling. When it comes to cheeses, the Bergamo province is second to none, although Crema and its hinterland also manage to defend themselves well.

The secret to a perfect cheese platter is to carefully choose what to propose, creating complete and simple combinations in terms of taste. After all, simplicity is the real trump card!

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