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Cheese Box

Cheese and mustards : an unconditional love

What is mustard?

Even before describing a perfect and happy marriage, it is necessary to underline the peculiarities of both ingredients. If for cheese the solution is rather simple, mustard - or Cremonese mustard requires a brief study to explain it.

Typical of some specific areas of Italy, it is made up of fruit and vegetables which, after being properly treated, are added to other ingredients such as vinegar or mustard.

The methods of treatment, conservation and added ingredients make the piece of fruit a real delight and transform a cheese platter into something sublime, worthy of note and with a flavor that is sometimes intense and other times delicate, never cloying or exaggerated.

The rapprochement between mustard and cheese therefore turns into the perfect marriage, into a happily ever after that is difficult to upset, into that something that represents the exact other half of the apple.

What is cheese?

It's easy to say cold cuts and cheese platter, but to have a concrete idea of ​​what goes well with what, you need to know what you're talking about. Cheese, for example, goes perfectly with mustard, but. If we answered the question for mustard, solving the cheese question proves to be a slightly more complex affair.

The institutional definition of cheese is “product obtained from the processing of milk - whole, partially and totally screamed. Cheese is created thanks to casein, a protein that is present in cheese, combined with rennet which preserves and preserves lipids and mineral salts.

The classification collects cheeses into 3 macro groups: soft, semi-hard and hard. Subsequently we proceed with another classification that takes into consideration the processing or rather the temperature: raw, semi-cooked and cooked pasta. Finally, we proceed with the maturation check: short, medium and slow maturation. These elements contribute to the creation of the final product in full compliance with certain criteria.

The perfect union doesn't exist... or maybe it does

The mustard and the cheese board represents an ideal combination for a respectable appetizer, or for a particular second course or a snack.

Tradition teaches that mustard goes well with boiled or boiled beef, but cheeses also represent a plus, that extra touch that helps express incredible potential.

To find the right combination, however, you need to evaluate the consistency of the pasta, the origin of the milk - cow, goat or sheep, and the seasoning. The union between the aromas, if analyzed in detail, invades the palate and offers the bite a unique, intense, sublime, complete flavour.

The solutions are different and range from classic and traditional combinations to more risky ones rewarded with an imaginative twist, extreme attention and the desire to dare are required.

With matured and structured cheeses it is necessary to combine delicate and sweet mustards with a prevalence of fruit such as apricots and citron. For medium-mature cheeses, the ideal is a constructed and mixed mustard like the classic "Cremona mustard".

Ready-to-use solution: the cheese tasting box

Carne Genuina chooses to meet the tastes of the different diners and propose a solution capable of eliminating doubts, resolving perplexities and tearing a smile without half measures. Here the Formaggio Box will be able to carry out this arduous task. The Cheese Christmas Box contains:

  • Taleggio DOP written in Blue, 300 g
  • Taleggio DOP red writing, 300 g
  • Blutunt blue cheese, 300 g
  • Formaggella Bergamasca, 300 g
  • Save Cremasco DOP, 300 g
  • 1 Christmas cream soup, 120 g or 1 artisanal strawberry mustard, 150 g

Leaving aside the typical romanticism of the restaurant, it is necessary to create and propose dishes capable of representing a plus starting from different products and creating truly unique excellences.

Protagonist cheese... and more!

The desire to offer the best passes from the search for dairies that use selected ingredients and raw materials to the need to put the artisanal production method before the convenience of the machinery that eliminates the magic and everything that includes the experience and knowledge of the individual operator .

Carne Genuina is a family-run farm that chooses to surround itself with as many collateral activities that adopt the same current of thought. This is why in the online butcher's shop you can find typical local products and, thanks to the skill of the farmers, genuine, typical and traditional menus can be brought to the table.

The online butcher shop therefore becomes the perfect consequence of the old neighborhood shop in which you place total trust and choose the meat to cook for your home. If traditions remain unchanged, it is the desire to propose, to take a step forward and evolve that becomes an excellent starting point for daring a tasting box.