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10 and more seconds for New Year's Eve with meat

Exploring the taste of New Year's Eve: 10 delicious meat-based second courses

New Year's Eve is a perfect occasion to celebrate with a festive banquet, and what's better than a table set with delicious meat-based main courses?

To make your menu unforgettable, we offer you 10 or more festive recipes that will conquer the palates of your guests, a mix of tradition and creativity for a memorable New Year's Eve.

1. Beef fillet in a herb crust

Let's start with a refined classic. A tender beef fillet wrapped in an aromatic herb crust, cooked to perfection for exceptional flavour.

Served with a reduced red wine sauce, this dish is an elegant introduction to your feast.

Any more ideas?

2. Roast chicken with rosemary and lemon

Roast chicken is an evergreen of festive tables. In this variant, the chicken is flavored with fresh rosemary and lemon juice, giving a Mediterranean touch that will delight diners.

An easy dish to prepare, but with an extraordinary taste.

Do you want to do it differently and are wondering how to make rotisserie chicken at home and on the BBQ? Find out in our article .

3. Pork in a mustard and honey crust

For pork lovers, this recipe offers an irresistible combination of mustard and honey. The pork, marinated and delicately caramelized, pairs perfectly with the aromatic crust, creating a contrast of flavors that will conquer everyone.

The secret of the recipe lies in the marinade, here are 4 perfect marinades for pork .

Do you want an alternative and want to know how to cook pork neck? Here is the article that's right for you.

4. Beef stew with peas and mushrooms

The heat and substance of a beef stew is ideal for winter evenings. In this version, the addition of porcini mushrooms gives a robust and enveloping flavour, perfect for a comfortable and tasty New Year's Eve dinner.

Here is the recipe for the pea and mushroom stew prepared by our Mirko and enjoyed with pleasure: how can we not propose it again in the Genuino blog! If you want, if you like them, you can also use mushrooms instead of peas or otherwise make peas and mushrooms. Imagination has no limits.

Any more ideas?

5 Black Angus braised meat

Like Argentinian meat! Here is the perfect time to try a recipe to combine with the party menu: taste, flavor and quality.

The braised meat enriched with Black Angus meat is perfect for a special occasion, adding a touch of refinement to your menu.

Do you need the Black Angus braised meat recipe? Here she is . Do you want an alternative? Here is the Barolo braised meat: the recipe for those who love the mountains .

6. Pork escalopes with Marsala

A classic recipe that never ceases to conquer. The pork escalopes are caramelized in a Marsala sauce, giving the dish a rich and enveloping flavour. Ideal to serve with light side dishes to balance the robustness of the main course.

But, as we know, you can't joke with scallops, so here are some more tasty or light ideas!

7. Wellington fillet

A preparation that embodies elegance and exquisiteness is the Wellington fillet. The tender beef tenderloin is wrapped in a rich layer of mushrooms and wrapped in a layer of puff pastry. This crunchy wrapper not only adds a hint of texture, but also a sprinkle of visual magic. The fillet is baked in the oven until the puff pastry reaches a perfect golden brown.

The result is a fusion of flavors: the tender meat, aromatic mushrooms and golden shell create an extraordinary culinary experience that will leave your guests speechless. Accompanied by a rich sauce, the Wellington fillet is a masterpiece of taste that transforms your table into a palette of delicacies.

Gordon Ramsay docet for this super tasty and high class meat recipe. Find out how to prepare it in our article .

8. Roast beef with rosemary and garlic

Roast meat with its distinctive flavor is a bold and delicious choice for New Year's Eve. A roast beef, flavored with rosemary and garlic, will bring a dish of timeless elegance to your table.

Here we have outdone ourselves, as in the case of scallops, there are numerous variations of the roast, here are some more ideas!

9. Sliced ​​beef with Balsamic Vinegar reduction

A cut of beef is an option that combines ease of preparation with the goodness of premium meat. Accompanied by a balsamic reduction, this dish offers a suggestive presentation and an irresistible taste.

The eastern sprint? The recipe for sliced ​​beef with Teriyaki sauce and vegetables .

10. Beef meatloaf with spinach and cheese filling

For those who want a light and quick variation to prepare, tasty meatloaf is the recipe capable of saving us in all circumstances but it is important to choose the right mince.

In particular, the beef meatloaf recipe with spinach and cheese filling is a healthy yet tasty option. An explosion of flavors and colors that will make even the most demanding diners happy.

New Year's Eve menu 2024: ideas beyond the celebrations

With these 10 or more delicious meat-based second course recipes, your New Year's Eve will be a culinary triumph. Experiment, have fun and delight your guests with unique creations that will make your party unforgettable.

May the new year begin with taste and joy shared around a table full of delicacies!