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5 dishes for 5 TV series: relaxation and cooking

Food and marathons on TV: 5 dishes inspired by the most famous ones

The Christmas holidays mean one thing: relaxation, lots of food and hours on the sofa to catch up on our favorite TV series. Even if it is a moment to take advantage of and spend time with family and loved ones, dedicating yourself to some good healthy relaxation on the sofa is not such a bad thing. After all, after these hectic months spent at work, let's say that dedicating ourselves a little to our hobbies is a way of loving ourselves. So, to stay on topic with our blog, we thought we'd give you some ideas if you really don't just want to enjoy your favorite TV series sprawled out on the sofa.

And, why not, if our partner really doesn't like the series, you can have fun and recreate these dishes inspired by the most famous TV series of the moment. But what to cook? The protagonists' favorite dishes, dishes that are mentioned obsessively and something that recalls the settings? Obviously you don't have to do it at the same time (so as not to miss out on any key moments), but you can also prepare them in advance and enjoy the episode together with your dish.

Here is a menu based on TV series: inspired dishes and ideas


The kitchen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Jimmy, Saul's alter ego, works is the representation of true Tex Mex. So all we have to do is opt for a menu based on spicy burgers, spicy corn on the cob, french fries and carne asada. Thanks to our recipes you will be able to recreate some dishes in true American style.

SQUID GAME: oriental cuisine

We all agree that squid game is the serious revelation of the year, cooking something featured in the TV series is perhaps a moment more complicated. Let's avoid the sugar waffles (ok, ok let's not spoil anything), but there are many dishes inspired by the oriental settings that we find in the TV series. So go ahead for beef, pork, oriental ravioli, soups and caramelized meats that are easy to recreate, thanks to our recipes.


One of the most complex and denunciatory series ever made in America. Intrigue, politics and Frank Underwood who has one goal: the White House. House of Card amazes and surprises with that all-too-American scent. And when it comes to aromas, ribs with BBQ sauce are the real weak point of the protagonist, so go ahead for a festive BBQ in honor of Great America!

LOST: all chicken

We all agree that Lost is not the TV series of the year, but that is absolutely not worth recovering or rewatching, this is a fact. Among the many intrigues and not entirely conventional meals (here too we won't give spoilers) we will certainly never be able to forget the fast food chain where Hurley works, one of the protagonists: the house of Mr. Chuck's Chicken. And like a real self-respecting chicken-based fast food restaurant, the green light is given to an all-chicken menu!


Extemporaneous from the great starred TV series and inherent to our country, on the Food network you can have a feast of Italian dishes together with Chiara Maci. The food blogger will guide us among the many beauties, traditional recipes and Italian dishes told by those who produce them and prepare them every day. So go ahead for regional recipes, pastas, grandma's meatballs and delicious beef fillets.