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Salumi DOP

Cinta Senese cured meats: taste and tradition

DOP cured meats: Cinta Senese and the extra gear

The Cinta Senese is a unique pig of its kind and capable of offering excellent tasting cured meats. The most important and particular breed of pig in the Tuscany region meets the naturalness of life in the wild with a surplus of taste which, thanks to the territorial conditions and the creativity of the master butchers, reaches the tables giving an extra touch. The uniqueness of the product is mainly given by two factors: on the one hand the rigorous respect for tradition, on the other the desire to offer something unique of its kind thanks to the protocol for the DOP marking. Furthermore, the Cinta Senese, in addition to the sublime flavor and the particular breeding method, owes its name to the animal's coat which is black with a white stripe on the back, hence the name Cinta. Senese because it is in the countryside surrounding the historic city of Siena that the pig breed is raised.

Cinta Senese: historical notes

The 70s marked a new interest in the pig breed which was at risk of extinction, we were about to say goodbye to pork chops and roast loin, but thanks to some Tuscan master butchers faithful to tradition it was possible to keep the tradition intact pig breed and start considering it as a niche product. Moreover, unlike other pork, Cinta Senese pork requires compliance with a specification to be considered as such and receive the DOP marking. The story is inextricably linked to the city of Siena, where there is also a painting by Lorenzetti "Effects of Good Government" which shows a rural scene with a farmer and next to him, a pig. Since 2012, thanks to the tenacity of Tuscan master butchers, the breed has had recognition and dedicated regulations.

How is Cinta Senese bred?

Open-air breeding to avoid stress and health risks. Thanks to this detail and, contrary to what one might think, the animal becomes stronger and more resistant as it has to move to look for food. Another detail is the number of piglets born on average by the sow: 6 to a maximum of 8, a small number compared to the Large White breed which can reach 25 new specimens. This detail is the element that risked compromising the species before the 1970s. The animals' feed - according to the regulations for marking DOP cured meats - must be at least 60% composed of Tuscan products. The last detail is given by the slaughter which must take place before the age of one year.

Cinta Senese on the table

Pork is perfect for letting your imagination run free and offering tasty and tasty dishes, this particular breed is lean, tasty and valuable. Intense aromas of the undergrowth meet a traditional maturation capable of restoring tender meat, with a lively color in shades of red and succulent. The different cuts of pork lend themselves to different processes which include pork loin recipes up to DOP and IGP cured meats, such as Salamino di Cinta Senese . Finally, the spices added for certain processes complete the taste of the final product which results in a mysterious silence when it reaches the table where all the diners await their turn to taste - at least - a slice.

Cured Cinta Senese sausage

The cured Cinta Senese sausage is seasoned with essential ingredients such as salt, pepper and garlic. The maturation takes place over a maximum period of 15 days and has a medium-large grain size. Perfect when combined with Tuscan bread which, being without salt, allows the sausage to express its full flavour. A fantastic appetizer to add to the cold cuts and cheese platter .

Sbriciolona from Cinta Senese

The cut of meat from which the bacon is obtained is the same used for Sbriciolona di Cinta Senese . The procedure - from which the name derives - is composed of a very fine grinding of the paste with the addition of salt, garlic, pepper and wild fennel. Two months of maturing, during which the meat enclosed in the natural casing amplifies its flavour. The sweet and delicate flavor lends itself to being accompanied with a dark and full-bodied beer . To get an extra edge, it can be presented on a platter with tasty, mature hard cheeses .

Gota of Cinta Senese

Gota in Tuscan means bacon. The cheek is a rather versatile cut of pork and used in many recipes beyond Tuscany, just think of the Lazio Grigia or the more famous Amatriciana. The preparation of the Gota di Cinta Senese is very particular: the salting is carried out with Tuscan lagliata - fresh garlic, wine vinegar, salt and pepper. After 15 days, the second process is carried out by adding ground black pepper and the seasoning continues for another 30 days. The product is extremely tasty and soft, and can be consumed alone or in addition to a first course such as pasta carbonara.

Genuine meat and Cinta Senese

Carne Genuina chooses to offer products that respect the rules of tradition and can thus provide an authentic taste capable of triggering hidden memories of when, as children, we passed through our grandmother's kitchen. Cinta Senese cured meats are the "last but not the latest" products just arrived in our online butcher shop which offers good potential thanks to its particular characteristic. In addition to breeding, in fact, the consistency of Cinta Senese breed pork is soft and succulent. This element is the result of the constant movement that the animal bred in the semi-wild state can do: high level of intramuscular fat composed of good acids which turns soft and tasty on the palate.