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Carne Genuina

The recipe for the best meat site online

Sometimes just a few ingredients are enough to offer a quality product, like your values: family, authenticity, sincerity, commitment and courtesy... then you just need the right container to cook them, like a farmhouse, and you're done. Nowadays, finding the best online meat site has become a need for everyone and the huge quantity of sites that sell food and meat online causes consumers a certain uncertainty and difficulty in recognizing between quality and truth.

If for quantity the choice may veer towards the main offline shops, finding quality Italian meat online with certain provenance is increasingly important and, given the impossibility of checking in person to understand if the product is fresh, it is therefore necessary to find sites reliable with clear and transparent information.

In this regard, we have established a few, but fundamental, requirements for our online butcher's shop:

  • The family management of the company
  • Follow a short supply chain: with total product traceability
  • Attention to animal welfare
  • Attention to sustainability and quality of materials

Here - then - is our recipe for selling meat online.

Ingredients: the team

  • Mattia Assanelli: founder of the Start Up “Carne Genuina”
  • Simone and Cristoforo Assanelli: Mattia's brothers and breeders by profession
  • Carlo Assanelli: the "forefather" and lifelong breeder
  • Carlo Alberto Oldani and Mirko Baraldi: they deal with the packaging of meat at the slaughterhouse, the preparation of orders and home deliveries from the butcher's shop. In short, all the logistics!
  • Sara Ferrarese: customer service and communications

Other ingredients: care for animals and quality meat

Our farmhouse is the hub of our online butcher shop. It is our family breeding farm, started by great-grandfather Silvio at the end of the nineteenth century. Now grandfather Carlo and his sons Simone and Cristoforo work there and personally follow every step to guarantee the quality of the meat: from the cultivation of the fodder we give to the animals, to the care of our steers respecting their times.

Today, as then, in fact, we personally take care of all the production phases of our short, or rather very short, supply chain. We respect seasonality and the times dictated by Mother Nature, taking advantage of the experience handed down from the generations that preceded us. Simone and Cristoforo work the 40 hectares of fields surrounding the farmhouse, cultivating alfalfa, corn and stable meadows which become food for our animals. Every day they distribute generous rations of 100% natural forage to the herd, rich in local essences coming directly from our lands. Our cows have been born and raised here for over a century, bred with authentic passion.

We have always shared our values ​​with the farmers of the area, with the town's butchers and with those who pass by the farm to purchase our products. Here is the list of farmers we rely on: a large family of genuine meat.

Procedure: the typical day

6.30 am: stable check and small control of any births during the night.

7:00 am: calf feeding and milk ration, followed by hay for weaning calves.

8:00 am: distribution of the daily forage ration to the entire herd (mix of hays grown personally by the farmer and cereals).

The morning is divided between work in the fields for the cultivation of fodder for the cows (plowing, sowing, irrigation, harvest, etc.) and maintenance work and constant cleaning of the stables.

9:00 am on Monday and Wednesday: preparation of meat shipments online by Carne Genuina. Morning of office work, visits to the companies in our supply chain and home deliveries to the butcher's shop. Or morning of meat processing and packaging at the slaughterhouse.

Afternoon working in the fields and stable maintenance and checking the well-being of all the cows. During the day Simone also supplies the raw milk distributor in Treviglio with the milk milked on his farm. Assanelli raw milk : a very short, transparent and fully traceable supply chain for both milk and meat.

The day continues with the possible reception of visitors to the Cascina and customers who collect their shopping booked online. 7.00 pm: more calf feeding and final checks on the animals.

Be an online home butcher

Carne Genuina is an agricultural company that has chosen to use traditional management for the growth of animals and present itself to the public as an online butcher's shop with a futuristic perspective. The meat and our tasting boxes , in fact, are shipped in vacuum-packed packages, with couriers and refrigerated vehicles and tracked packages - to know the precise day of delivery - which allow those who receive them to keep the organoleptic qualities and taste characteristics of the meat intact. meat. Our online butcher shop boasts expert master butchers who are able to prepare fine, quality cuts of meat, exactly like the butcher shop in the area. Focusing on online butchers is therefore the perfect solution for those who want quality Italian meat and meat from the world directly to their home. Perhaps this is the right recipe that allows those who sell meat and BBQ meat online - and not only - to achieve success.

Once you have identified the recipe that characterizes the best online meat sales sites, it is possible to buy genuine, quality meat that is often difficult to find in big cities. Buying meat online nowadays is increasingly simpler, you just need to be careful if you want to choose to focus on quality rather than quantity. Once you follow these little tips you will be able to buy delicious and genuine meat for your family.