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The Genuino mid-August menu

What to cook on August 15th 2023?

Ferragosto is always a time of great joy and conviviality, a perfect opportunity to share moments of joy with friends and family around a table laden with delicacies.

The typical choice to celebrate this special day is a barbecue, but the Mid-August Menu offers multiple alternatives to satisfy all palates.

Let's discover together an assortment of starters, first courses, second courses and the classic barbecue, enriched with delicious recipes from our blog Carnegenuina.it.

The mid-August menu between tradition and gourmet menu

The traditional barbecue on August 15th, the barbecue is the undisputed queen of summer tables. Meat, fish and vegetables are expertly cooked on the grill, releasing irresistible aromas and flavours.

But here we are at the fateful question: what to cook for mid-August lunch?

Appetizers for barbecues and more

A complete menu for Ferragosto begins with a rich selection of appetizers, perfect for opening up the appetite in a light and tasty way.

Here are some delicious appetizer recipes for your August 15th party:

Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes and basil : a timeless classic, simple and tasty.

Fine cheese canapés : delicious canapés with a selection of fine cheeses such as blue, hard or buffalo cheeses, combined with jams or mustards for a touch of sweetness. Even better if grilled directly on the BBQ

Grilled aubergine or courgette rolls: a tasty and colorful appetizer, also perfect for vegetarian diners.

Roast beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan : thin slices of beef marinated in lemon juice, served on a bed of fresh rocket and enriched with flakes of Grana Padano and black pepper.

Salad with orange and buffalo ricotta : super imaginative appetizer and side dish capable of degreasing some cuts if seasoned with citrus fruits or balsamic vinegar from Modena.

Cucumber rolls with bresaola and ricotta : Stuffed with cream cheese and rolled up with bresaola, a quick and tasty appetizer, perfect for whetting the appetite.

Ham and melon rolls: slices of melon wrapped in raw ham, a combination of sweet and savory that conquers every palate.

First courses for Ferragosto in the name of taste

The first courses for Ferragosto are a mix of tradition and innovation, designed to satisfy all tastes. A timeless classic is cold pasta with vegetables and cheeses , a fresh and colorful dish, ideal for facing hot summer days.

For those who love seafood flavours, a risotto with prawns and courgettes will be an unforgettable choice, while lovers of autumnal flavors will be able to enjoy a risotto with porcini mushrooms. The ideas for starters are endless, just be inspired by the recipes on our blog.

The second courses for Ferragosto and the traditional barbecue

The choice between the second courses and the classic barbecue will depend on the tastes and preferences of your guests - and also whether you decide to have a mid-August 2023 lunch or a mid-August dinner.

If you want to remain faithful to tradition, preparing an assorted barbecue with meat, fish and fresh vegetables is always the winning choice but let's discover some more ideas. Then accompany everything with delicious side dishes, such as summer salads or a tasty aubergine caponata and it will be perfect. So, what meat do you eat on August 15th?

Here are some delicious recipes for second courses and grilled dishes for your mid-August menu:

Mixed grilled beef: what could be better than a selection of cuts of Italian beef, such as T-bone steaks, ribs and burgers, marinated with herbs and spices and cooked to perfection on the grill. Obviously, in our online meat boxes you will find the perfect assortment!

Chicken and vegetable skewers : chicken pieces alternated with peppers, onions and courgettes, seasoned with oil and aromatic herbs and cooked on the grill for a light and tasty second course.

Florentine steak : the queen, a t-bone Fiorentina or the Porterhouse to share, cooked on the grill and served with a sprinkling of salt and pepper, to savor all the authentic flavor of the meat.

Lamb roasts: for those who love a strong flavour, small skewers of lamb, seasoned with oil and rosemary and grilled for a tasty second course typical of Abruzzo traditions.

Exotic pork skewers : morsels of pork marinated with lime and aromatic herbs, cooked on the grill for a tasty second course.

Sicilian swordfish: for those who don't like meat, swordfish steaks seasoned with capers, olives, cherry tomatoes and oregano, cooked on the grill for a Mediterranean dish with an intense flavour.

Vegetable omelette: an omelette rich in seasonal vegetables, such as courgettes, peppers and aubergines, for a colorful vegetarian second course.

Roast Beef in the oven : a roast beef cooked slowly in the oven and served with sauces or fresh vegetable side dishes will be perfect for the mid-August dinner.

These recipes for second courses and grilled dishes will be a delight for your mid-August menu, offering authentic flavors and genuine ingredients for an unforgettable party.

And how to combine drinking with meat?

To accompany grilled meat dishes or tasty roasts, a fresh and well-hopped craft beer will be a good choice, while for those who love wines, a structured and full-bodied red pairs perfectly with beef.

For the more adventurous, refreshing cocktails such as the Moscow Mule or Mojito will add a touch of freshness and joy to the festive table.

Discover further drink pairings and recommendations in our article to make your August holiday even more memorable.

Mid-August Gourmet menu

The Mid-August Menu offers a wide variety of tasty and inviting dishes, designed to delight the palates of all diners. From the classic barbecue, with delicacies of Italian beef, fresh fish and vegetables, to tasty first courses and delicious starters, you will be spoiled for choice to create an unforgettable lunch.

With the delicious recipes from our blog Carnegenuina.it, you will be ready to celebrate in style and make this special day a celebration of taste and conviviality. Happy Ferragosto everyone!