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Pairing cocktails and grilled meat

The usual combinations of BBQ meat, beer and wine are banned

Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family outdoors and enjoy a cheerful cookout. The inviting scent of meat cooking on the grill creates the perfect atmosphere for spending pleasant evenings in company.

The variety of grilled meats is vast, from classic beef steaks and sausages to the more delicious pork chops and marinated chicken. When it comes to pairings with grilled meat, red wine and beer are the most common choices.

A succulent beef fillet pairs wonderfully with a robust red wine like Barbera, while a full-bodied craft beer can enhance the flavors of a grilled sausage.

However, if you want to explore new horizons and offer your guests a unique experience, cocktails with grilled meat may be the perfect answer. But what's better than a delicious cocktail to enhance the flavors and make this experience even more special?

Grilled meat and cocktails perfect for summer barbecues

The joy of preparing and enjoying succulent grilled meats is unsurpassed, but why limit yourself only to the classic pairing with wine or beer?

This summer, treat yourself to an extraordinary culinary experience by experimenting with pairing unique and refined cocktails with your favorite grilled meat.

From the classic Mojitos and Margaritas to more original creations, discover with us the perfect combination of cocktails and grilled meats to make your barbecues unforgettable.

The best cocktails to pair with grilled meat

Here is a selection of ideal cocktails to pair with grilled meat.

Moscow Mule with fatty meats

An increasingly famous cocktail in recent times based on vodka, ginger beer and lime.

The Moscow Mule is perfect to pair with fatty meats such as sausages, salami and hamburgers; the spicy note degreases, refreshes and enhances the intense flavors of these cuts.

Mojito and grilled meat: evergreen

This fresh and fragrant cocktail, made with white rum, mint, lime, sugar and soda, goes beautifully with almost any grilled meat.

Thanks to the acidic and not at all sweet notes of its ingredients, it is able to degrease any type of cut but goes particularly well with chicken and fish on the BBQ.

Margarita and pork

The combination of tequila, triple sec and lime juice creates a bold, tart and refreshing cocktail that pairs beautifully with very fatty beef steaks.

At the same time, the combination of these ingredients is perfect for degreasing and supporting fatty pork such as ribs, bacon or BBQ pork belly .

Beef, Asado and Bloody Mary

The strong flavor of the meat for the asado requires a cocktail that has the backing to support the type of cooking.

In this case, a spicy cocktail, not at all sweet like the Bloody Mary is perfect to be paired with important beef like asado de tira.

This cocktail made with vodka, tomato juice and Tabasco is the ideal accompaniment for a grilled beef with bold cuts.

Un Asado de tira, the Beef Brisket , and why not a good brunch, pairing perfectly with eggs, bacon and pancetta.

Gin tonic and grilled chicken

Chicken, even if well marinated and sprinkled with spices, always tends to have a more delicate taste, therefore it requires a delicate cocktail but with a more classy alcoholic note.

Here, in this case, a good gin and tonic with a hint of lime or lemon and a good tonic can support the taste of grilled chicken or spicy chicken wings and take you to the real level up.

Aperol Spritz and white meats

The Italian aperitif par excellence! Perfect both for an aperitif while waiting for the meat and for a meal.

Fresh and sparkling, the Aperol Spritz with Prosecco, Aperol and soda is ideal for accompanying meats with less intense flavors such as grilled white meats and grilled vegetables.

The right cocktail for the right cut

Summer barbecues are the perfect opportunity to explore new flavor combinations, and pairing cocktails with grilled meats makes for an amazing dining experience.

Experiment with classic cocktails such as Mojito and Margarita, or create new combinations to amaze your guests with an explosion of flavours, the basic rule is only one: we use acidic ingredients that help fat, no sweets!

This summer, make your barbecues unforgettable with the best cocktails for every occasion. Raise your glass and toast to moments of conviviality and gastronomic delights!